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August 27, 2013 in cleveland,mantra,Ohio,yoga

By no ones fault but my own, I had a very, very, long Monday. And I’m not complaining. Because now? Well, now it’s all downhill from here! I’ve powered through Tuesday and my eyes are on the prize — the weekend!

We have a really fun weekend ahead of us and I seriously cannot wait! Friday my coworkers and I are only working a half day and then going to lunch together. After lunch we have a little friendly putt-putt bet going on that I am going to win! Ha! OK, I may be over-exaggerating my putt-putt abilities juuuust a teeny bit.

Friday night is the Believe in CLE event at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a yoga, music and networking event that I’m so excited to take part in!

So for the rest of this week, my mantra will be that…


#Truth. So bring it on, work week. 😉

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