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Weight Watchers //

Well I did my weekly weigh in yesterday morning. And I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose either. I stayed at exactly the same weight as last week. Which, I’m not surprised. And I’m not necessarily disappointed.

This past week was full of randomness. Like wine from that Wine & Canvas event I went to; and ice cream from Mitchell’s; and a sushi burrito (no, I didn’t eat all of that); and we went to The Cleveland Flea again, so obviously there was snacking involved (thanks in large part to Mason’s Creamery). Oh, and lets not forget Chad’s high school reunion. So yeah. Lots of food randomness.

Sushi Burrito

I also didn’t leave myself a lot of time to fit in my workouts. In fact, between battling some serious allergies and attending calling hours, I was wiped out! I managed to fit in 10 miles and a yoga class. But that was only three workouts, and definitely a struggle.

Workouts // 

I’m starting this week out strong in the workout department! Not only have I already fit in a yoga class at Yoga Bliss (hooray, for having random days off in the middle of the week to free up some workout time!); but I’ve also scheduled all of my workouts well in advance for this week.

I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this, but my legs/knees/hips aren’t really bothering me. This is HUGE for me because I’ve always, always, always had lower body issues. Like, since I was a kid. In a major way. So I’m kind of excited that I feel good.

Challenging myself //

  • I ran for 60 minutes. The longest I had run prior to that was 54. That extra six minutes may seem insignificant, but I promise you it wasn’t. I gave it my all, and I made it. And I feel like I’m slowly becoming the runner I have been dreaming of!
  • In the last 18 months (aka – since I got pregnant), I’ve been so hesitant to push myself in my yoga practice. I’ve kind of been just making my way back to my strong practice and focusing on the basics. But I’ve been focusing on the basics too much.
    So I let myself be challenged in the last two yoga classes I took. Y’all, I attempted handstand. Like, legit gave-it-my-all, tried handstand. During TWO classes. And I felt good about it. I didn’t make it into a yoga handstand, but I tried. And that’s what matters.

So don’t mind me, Ill just be over here plugging along on my fitness journey! 🙂

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Kenz @ Life According to Kenz August 15, 2013 at 2:53 pm

Woo hoo for yoga! I’m hoping to sign up for classes on my local place, too. 🙂 Haven’t done it in over a year, so it’ll be interesting!

Love your updates girl! Keep workin’ it! 🙂 You motivate me!!!


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