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July 26, 2013 in fitness,health,vacation,workout,yoga

As expected, being on vacation hasn’t really had a negative impact on my diet + exercise regimen. After last weeks collosul failure in the exercise department, and the crazy amount of extra moving I’ve been doing from merely not sitting at a desk all day, I feel great!

Food //

We’ve been eating most meals at home; cooking, making sandwiches, eating yummy breakfast, and drinking fresh-brewed coffee all day long.

But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been splurging a little. When we visited Wilmington a couple of years ago we went to a restaurant called Mixto. I fell in love with their food. The atmosphere and the sangria aren’t bad either. 😉 So of course we made the short drive from Wallace, where we’re staying, to Wilmington to do some site-seeing and to have lunch.

The food was delicious, just as we remembered! And we even splurged on some ice cream (which very quickly melted) and some chocolates from Kilwins.

Workouts //

I’ve gone for two decently long runs since Sunday. The running itself has felt great. But afterward I feel super super sore. I’m not sure how to combat the pain. Suggestions?

I’m hoping to get another run in this morning — before it gets too hot + humid out.

I even fit in a yoga session. I’ve never been one to have a strong home practice; I’m certainly more motivated and feel a deeper connection with my practice when I go to a studio and am surrounded by strong breathing. But I found some time to practice outside. Just me, my mat, my block, and Babycakes. Ha! 🙂

It was Ari’s first time watching me practice yoga. He stared at me like “WTF??” and even (I think) tried to mimic me doing downward facing dog. He stood up on both feet with his hands planted on the ground. It was hilarious.

Also it turns out that chasing around a crawling baby who is trying his darnedest to walk is exhausting. It’s kept me busy, for sure! And the walking! Ohhhh, the walking! We’re staying at my aunts house on this huge golf course. So naturally we’re walking a lot.

And swimming. I mean, not laps or anything. But activity is activity, right?

Weight Watchers //

I didn’t weigh myself this past Tuesday. I couldn’t find a scale in this house. Plus? I’ve gotten SO used to weighing myself on our scale at home. I didn’t really want to weigh myself even if I could find one. What if it weighed me differently?? LOL. But I’ve been keeping track still. Last week was allllll kinds of bad as far as my points were concerned. This week I’m back on track. So we’ll see what that magic scale says next Tuesday!

Color Me Freakin’ Crazy //

I signed up for two 5ks… on the same day!

I’ll be running the Color Me Rad 5k the morning of August 17th, followed by the AkRun 5k and Bar Crawl in the evening!

WTF was I thinking!? I’ll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking “I can’t pass up two awesome runs just because they fall on the same day!”. Ha!

Also, I’m still looking for friends to join me on the Color Me Rad run. You can get discounted registration — 20% off — by using the code “HERO”.

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