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July 19, 2013 in Akron,fitness,health,running,travel

First things first //

I’m running the Color Me Rad race on August 17th 2013. I couldn’t be MORE excited! I’ve been looking for a race like this so when I found out they were coming to Akron I jumped on board!!

** Get 20% off your registration to Color Me Rad by using the code “HERO“!! **

The code is valid for the first FIVE people who register!

So hurry!!

Last week //

Life was too crazy for me to post about my fitness update, but I promise, I was keeping track!

I weighed in last Tuesday the 9th. I actually gained a pound. [[ sad face ]]

I know that not every week will be a loss, and that occasionally I will have ‘off’ weeks and ‘off weigh ins — and last week just happened to be one of them.

I hesitate to even weigh myself once a week, even know I know it’s part of the “plan” of weight watchers. I just know how I’m prone to obsess over it. Ugh.

But I got over it. I didn’t dwell. I moved on.

And this past Tuesday I weighed myself again.

I lost that pound AND an additional 1.5 pounds!! 🙂

Workouts //

I worked my butt off. I went to two hot yoga classes and ran 3 times last week. One of which was a 5k!

And this Tuesday I weighed in again! — Lost that gained pound. Plus I lost another 1.5!

Food //

I’m not eating unhealthy, by any means. We never really have eaten unhealthy. But considering today is Friday, I have to admit that this week has been rough. I’ve been stressed. And I’ve been totally slacking on counting my points. Cause sometimes a gal needs a twizzler and a beer! Ha! But I know that I’m actually going to get back on track when we leave for vacation tomorrow.

Running //

So not only did I just finish my first 5k in years, but I’m officially signed up for 4 more races from now until September.

And I’m actually considering signing up for the Hot Chocolate 15k and the Rock N Roll Cleveland Mini Marathon on October 6th — what better way to ring in my last year of my 20s?! (My birthday is October 5th!)

Vacation //

Most people fear that they will eat like crap and not workout during vacay. But we’re going to be in a house with a kitchen, so I know we’re going to eat like we always do at home. Sure, we’ll go get Mexican food from my fave place ever one day; but that’s one day; one meal. And the golf course we’re staying on is going to be perfect for long runs!

This is going to be the most relaxing vacation EVER!

I realize I’m not setting any sort of record for fastest weight loss, but I’m doing what works for me right now. I’m comfortable losing weight the healthy way and a way that works for my family and our lifestyle. <3

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Amanda July 19, 2013 at 10:27 am

Good for you girl!!!!! I still think its neat that you and my husband share a birthday, he will be 31 this year which is so hard for me to believe!


Jen @ A Daily Dose of Davis July 23, 2013 at 12:28 am

I hope you guys are having a FABULOUS vacation mama! You deserve it. I did NOT eat healthy on my vacation AT ALL but now that we are home, I am trying really, really hard to get back on track. You have been kicking so much butt with your workouts and weightloss…I am so proud of you. And I can’t tell you how much I WISH you were doing the Hot Chocolate in Chicago so that we could FINALLY meet up after all these years. One day my friend…one day. Thanks for linking up sweetie!!!


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