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July 12, 2013 in sponsor

I know that it’s easy to get stuck in a fitness rut. I go through weeks where I 100% look forward to my workouts and then there are weeks when I just cannot wait to run/yoga/hit the gym.

Well recently Pretty Muddy Columbus teamed up with My FitU, and as a Pretty Muddy Blogger, I have the opportunity to try out the My FitU program.

MyFitU logo

My FitU was developed by Kenny Chesney’s personal trainer, Daniel Meng. The program is completely customizable to fit each persons schedule, eating habits and lifestyle.

Daniel and Kenny - Video Screenshot.png

I’m hoping to use this program to alternate my running, cardio days and strength training days so that I’m well-prepared for my upcoming races — including the Pretty Muddy Women’s 5k!

I’ve noticed that I get to points in my training runs where I just feel completely worn out. So I’d really love to get to a fitness level where my strength and endurance are enhanced because of the complimentary strength training.

I’ve already downloaded the iPhone app to track my workouts and progress and to work with the plan uniquely designed for me and my goals. I can’t wait to include this training in my fitness updates and monitor my progress.


I only accept brand opportunities to write about things I love and would normally buy on my own. For my participation, I’ve received a 3-month membership to through

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