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July 23, 2013 in bloggers,cleveland,Ohio

Local Cleveland blogger Charlene from Life in the CLE is a friend whom I’ve grown to know, first via the interwebs; then IRL (in real life!). I’ve asked her to guest post on what she loves in Northeast Ohio! 

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Just like my girl Rachel, I’m always striving to find a balance in my life. And I’ll admit it, I’m not often good at it. At all. And it makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as work-life balance.

So in order to find that so-called “balance”, I do what any normal, single, 30-something does. I jam-pack my schedule. In fact, more evenings than not, there’s something on my calendar to do (in a pure case of irony, tonight is the one evening this week that I don’t have something to do…well besides write this blog post). As a fan/lover of Cleveland, most of my events and outings focus on going out in the city. I live/work/play in the CLE.

So what are some of my favorite spots to hit up these days?

Hodge’s – It’s really always on the list. I’m friends with Chef Hodge and this place just feels like a second home to me. Think Cheers – where everyone knows your name. Favorite drinks – Pineapple Mojito and the Lake Erie.

at Hodges

{above at Hodges}

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{Charlene + Chef Hodge}

[ side note from Rachel: This is my favorite restaurant ever!! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is completely chill. Also? LOVE our local celebrity chef Hodge!! ]

WXYZ – Located in the new Aloft Hotel on the East Bank of the Flats, I like how different this hotel and bar is compared to most in the city. You almost feel like you are in L.A. Drinks are a little more pricey but the atmosphere and view is unlike any other.

The Greenhouse Tavern – In the summer, I really can’t think of a better view than the rooftop patio at Greenhouse. Chef Jon Sawyer knew what he was doing with this one. The staff is always fantastic and being able to see down my favorite street in the city makes me happy. Favorite drink – The Smartie

photo 2 (7)

{with Chef Jonathon Sawyer — rocking a CLE Clothing shirt!}

Nauti Mermaid – Yes, this is going to seem like an off-the-wall pick. But here’s the thing – I work on West Sixth Street. I love a good hole in the wall bar and this one is one of the best in my opinion. Great happy hours and seriously so close to work. They may know me by name. Favorite drink – Just a beer here, please. Or maybe two.

District (Playhouse Square) – I just recently have gone to District but I’m always looking for new Playhouse Square options (I’m a Playhouse Square Partner) and this one did not disappoint. The food was great and the drinks even better. Our server had to be the funniest server I’ve ever had and made the experience that much better.

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Where are your go-to places when you need a break or to get away?

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