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June 3, 2013 in mantra

Last week I worked out every.single.day.

I worked hard to fit in workouts; I fit in workouts with Ari; and our house suffered the consequence of my domestic neglect.

But I felt great.

My workouts were a combination of 4 runs, power-walking with the stroller + Ari 4 days, and 3 yoga practices.

I’m finally looking forward to my runs instead of dreading them.

Yesterday we drove 4-hours from Akron to Cincinnati to have family pictures taken with our wedding photographer, Justine, who was in from Maine visiting her family. We spent 2 hours taking photos, and then drove 4-hours back to Akron. All in one day. When we got home, I was dying to go for a run! But, I decided to relax a bit instead.

So my mantra for the week is…

photo (67)

I’ll run more, I’ll rest some, and I’ll be anxious to do it all over again!


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