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June 27, 2013 in fitness,running,workout,yoga

I meant to hold myself accountable by posting my progress last week, but I ran out of time — CAUSE I WAS BUSY WORKING OUT! 😉

True story, y’all.

So a quick weight watchers update: I’ve been weighing myself in at home every Tuesday morning. And every week I’ve lost weight. I’m down 8.5 pounds since starting the program a month ago. Overall I’m proud of my progress.

But it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been straight up busting my butt working out.

There are still a few days left in the month, and so far, in the month of June, I’ve run 48 miles. I’ve walked 16 miles. And I’ve taken 5 power yoga classes.

I’ve also been taking small steps in the right direction — like choosing to take the stairs at work [we work on the 5th floor!] and getting up to move from my desk at least once an hour.

I’ve been fitting my scheduled runs in while I’m at work — on my lunch break. Which is… intense. Yeah, I guess that’s the word. I run alone. Which is actually kinda nice because I get so little alone time these days. And it’s usually hot out. So I come back to the office super sweaty. But that means people will leave me alone for the rest of the day (ha!).

About 2 weeks ago I finished the Couch to 5k program (for the second time). I spent the last couple of weeks since then just running. For thirty minutes straight every time. I’ve gotten stronger and I’ve watched myself get faster and faster. Last Friday I started the Bridge to 10k program, which will help me increase my distance.

It’s hard to believe that two weeks from now I’ll be running my first 5k race since before Babycakes was born. Eek! I’m excited and nervous. But mostly ready to kick butt.

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Jen @ A Daily Dose of Davis June 27, 2013 at 11:02 pm

YAY!! Your first 5K since baby boy!! I net you are so excited to get that race day rush again. Keep up the GREAT work mama!! You’ve been working so hard at everything…you should really be proud of yourself 🙂 xoxo

(P.S.) I’d love for you to link this post on Health & Fitness Friday tomorrow! I have missed you!!!


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