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May 28, 2013 in mantra,words to live by,yoga

The great thing about any workout is that sense of accomplishment afterward.

But the truly inspiring part of yoga, in particular, is the letting go; the knowing that your mind is what’s holding you back.

For me, it’s not always an immediate feeling. You kind of have to practice the ‘letting go.’ Often times I’ll find myself on my yoga mat, thinking about everything that’s stressing me. Luckily, our yoga teachers are there to remind us of the most important reason we find ourselves on our yoga mats — the letting go part.

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As much serious knowledge that yoga teachers give us, they also give us remind us how bad ass we are. Cause seriously? We are pretty badass. And we should embrace it for what it is.

Every time I get on my yoga mat, I’m a badass.

Every time I go for a run, I’m a badass.

Every time I wake up to feed Ari at 3am, I’m a badass.

Every time I pump another bottle of milk for Ari, I’m a badass.

And I need to remind myself that even when I’m feeling completely low, I am a badass. And I am going to embrace it!

So go ahead, embrace your inner badass.

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