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May 14, 2013 in Columbus,travel,weekend

It’s been a busy, busy, few days, y’all!

Saturday morning Ari + I drove 2.5 hours to Columbus, bright & early, to visit with my sister and my parents. When we arrived we ate a little breakfast and headed to the German Village to pick up some yummy macarons and lemon tarts from Pistacia Vera.

The macarons were amazing! Beautiful and delicious!


After hitting up a couple of other places, including Columbus Brewing Company [hello — if I’m in Columbus I’m going to try and locate some Bodhi!], we went wedding dress shopping.

My sister and her fiance are getting hitched October 4th 2014 [the eve of my 30th birthday!]. And even though it seems a little soon to be wedding dress shopping, she is beyond relieved to have chosen THE dress and to be done with it! One less thing to worry about!

Ari did so well running all kinds of errands with us. He even stayed awake through most of dinner. But on the way home, my napless baby went crazy. Well, until he fell asleep. Luckily he slept most of our drive home.


On Sunday we planned to celebrate my first Mother’s Day by having a low-key day and then go out for a late lunch.

Buuuut that didn’t happen. I had an errand to run Sunday morning, and afterward I went for a 3-mile run. Followed by a super cranky Babycakes. I can’t blame him. Our Saturday was full of travel and it threw his schedule way off; but he was pretty much a nightmare all day Sunday.


Oy. My nightmare.

Thankfully, going to the sitters on Monday seems to regulate his schedule and put us all back on track. Who would’ve thought that we’d be looking forward to Mondays??

But Monday was pretty much just as crazy for us. We celebrated Chad’s birthday as a teeny family after work. We ate dinner, opened presents and ate lemon tart [instead of cake!].


Hopefully by the end of today we’ll all be back into our regular routine!

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Trish May 14, 2013 at 10:43 am

Oh that face! My little guy has that same activity center. I call it the Arena of Sensory Overload. He jumps and jumps and JUMPS until he finally puts his head down and passes out. Makes me laugh every time.


Alissa May 14, 2013 at 10:59 am

I am going to be in Columbus on Friday to visit one of our vendors and to stop and see my twin sister. I think I might be making a pit stop for macaroons…granted, I could make them, but they are a lot of work!

That little dude is most adorable. Sorry he was a cranky pants. Either way, your husband make PHO! I think that’s a pretty awesome birthday treat.


fizzgig May 14, 2013 at 6:27 pm

sounds like a great first mother’s day!


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