i love long weekends ♥

May 26, 2013 in Ari Davis,family,weekend

I feel so lucky to have had 2 full days spent with Babycakes — and the weekend isn’t even over yet!

Friday night Chad went to the gym and I settled into my evening ritual of putting Ari to bed, getting my PJs on, and relaxing with the DVR.

Saturday consisted of a power yoga class and a family party. It was great to see some family, despite the cooler than anticipated weather.

And today has been a surprisingly laid back day. Chad went to see a movie while Ari and I went to Nervous Dog to grab a coffee and headed to the Towpath to do some walking. I love love love our jogging stroller. It makes walks so much easier!

photo (65)

We spent the remainder of the day playing and talking. It amazes me that even though Ari has tons of toys to play with, he always grabs the big container of Butt Paste and is happy as can be!

He’s been such a happy baby. I totally hope I’m not jinxing myself for tomorrow. 🙂

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