So What! Wednesday

April 3, 2013 in So What! Wednesday

Linking up with the fabulous Shannon from Life After I Dew to say SO WHAT if…


  • the Yo Gabba Gabba! Pandora station is likely to be my newest most-listened-to station. 
  • I used to be the puppy mom who posted non-stop pictures of her dog; but now I’m the girl who posts non-stop pictures of her baby. #sorryImnotsorry.
    photo (8)
  • I just used a hashtag on some place other than twitter.
  • my exciting life consists of Real Housewives of Whatever + in bed by 8:30. Be jealous.
  • I officially understand why people have second children. There. I said it. But, no, that does not mean that I am ready for a second baby. Ari is at that age where he is sweet and kind and adorable.
  • the above being said, I learned my lesson with puppies. I felt the same way about Oscar Puppy and that made me want to get Pepper. Well, Pepper is a little hooker. So I know that a second child may be better in theory than in reality.
  • I’m already a thousand percent ready for the weekend. Even if that means I have to make it through a dentist appointment tomorrow. Ugh.

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Dawn April 5, 2013 at 10:23 am

When I did daycare, there was only one family for whom I would babysit privately. (Long story, lots of reasons, none important here.) They had one sweet little girl, Hailey. But Hailey was as holy-moly-high-maintenance as she was cute as a button. They were a little bit older when they had her, and really had decided she was going to be an only child. When Hailey was 4, they got a surprise: there was a new baby on the way. Hunter was The Easiest Kid Ever. Seriously. Laidback. Never cried unless he needed something (and even them it was just a lower-lip-quivering whimper). Slept. Just the most content baby on the planet (and believe me, I’ve seen a LOT of babies, having started babysitting at 12 and working 5 years in the infant room of a daycare). They were both like “Huh. If we had Hunter first and hadn’t been so spooked by how demanding Hailey was as an infant/toddler, we’d probably have ended up with 4 of 5!” LOL


Shannon April 21, 2013 at 8:40 pm

You called your second dog a hooker… In reference to a second child… Man I miss you:)


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