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February 18, 2013 in mantra


This week I have one late work night and I’m crossing my fingers that after that, the rest of the week is a breeze! Cause last week was kind of exhausting. It was my first really tough work week since I went back.

I believe in yoga. More than I believe in most things, actually. This weekend I practiced with one of my favorite teachers in one of my favorite spaces. And I loved every challenging second of it!

I’m super excited to have gotten a haircut this weekend. Guys! I haven’t had a haircut since last August! Long overdue.

My addiction to Pretty Little Liars continues. I’m halfway through Season 3 already. As much as Chad dislikes this show, I think he still prefers it to any of the Real Housewives.

I wish that Ari would take naps on the weekend. He apparently naps without a problem for the sitter. But for us? Nope. The other day I mentioned on Facebook that he was napping. And that lasted for a hot minute. Ugh. I totally jinxed it. 🙁

I’m happy to have an awesome husband who is OK with me leaving him with the baby on a Saturday morning to go to yoga and a hair appointment.

My weekly mantra: Get out of bed! Cause even when I want to sleep in, getting out of bed and getting the day started is a hundred times better than the extra sleep I would get.


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Shannon Dew February 18, 2013 at 8:34 am

I miss my weekly yoga class so much! I really do think that it was my favorite time of the week. I just got a prenatal yoga DVD so hopefully I’ll get the same satisfaction from it…


Amanda P. February 18, 2013 at 8:58 am

I’m getting a hair cut this weekend too, still debating on going from side bangs to blunt, full on bangs……

Hope that you have a better week at work, last week was a rough one for me too!


Dawn February 19, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Let me ask you this (as a former daycare provider with the under-2 crowd): Do you follow a generally predictable routine at home? I don’t mean the exact same thing every day, but is there a basically consistent rhythm to the order in which things happen at home? Because at daycare, we had a very flexible-yet-predictable routine to our days. We didn’t always do the same activities, but we followed the same patterns (for the 1-year-olds: drop-off, breakfast, free play/planned activity, mass diaper check, outside/into the gym depending on weather, clean up, lunch, mass diaper check, naptime, quiet story time as they each woke at their own time, snack, free play/planned activity). Naptimes weren’t generally difficult for us because the babies’ internal clocks and little minds picked up on the cues after repetition and they would automatically start anticipating what was “on deck.” We also tended toward more quiet activities & music, etc, leading up to naptime, but the room was never by any means quiet. We’d turn off the lights over the “nap side” of the room and we wouldn’t be shouting or anything, but we talked normally and kids in other areas made regular noise. It was just all the predictable patterns to the day that made the difference. There are definitely kids who were better sleepers than others, but the fact that he’s napping at daycare and not at home leads me to ask: what’s different between home and daycare, other than the people and the place, which shouldn’t matter at all?


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