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February 8, 2013 in fitness,Team Pretty Muddy

On fitness goals…

I’m officially registered for the Pretty Muddy Women’s 5k! And Columbus and Northeast Ohio bloggers/wanna-be runners, I’ve started a team! So get on your 2013 goals and register!!

When you register at the EventBrite website, choose team Muddy Heroes! Come on and register, people!!


[PS. I realize that I need to explain my blog title someday…]

On workouts…

My social calendar has been FULL these last couple of weeks.


I’ve loved having a jam-packed-with-awesome schedule as of late.

But it’s been cramping my workout style. In a serious way.

And, to be honest, even with the hustle and bustle and fun, I’ve been a little down in the dumps this week. I can’t explain why, I just have. And it’s made me want to sleep in as late as I can [oh, ya know… just 4:30 am] instead of waking up at 3:00 am to get to the gym.

But I did make it once this week. And I did a few mornings of at-home yoga. Just not my ‘everyday’ plan.

And I went tanning once this week. It might not seem like a big deal, but in Northeast Ohio, we have like zero days of sunshine in the winter. So I’m pretty vitamin-d and sunshine deficient. Which equals grumpy Rachel.

Fake sunshine does wonders for me. Lifts my spirits and makes my day better!

On eating healthy…

I’ve been doing really well with my healthy eating.

Breakfasts have been Oikos Greek  yogurt.

Lunches consist mostly of egg salad made with hard-boiled eggs, Vegenaise, and yellow mustard — a healthy alternative to a mayo-based egg salad mixture.

Dinners have been whatever we can find. Evenings are still kind of crazy in our house. Between the snow, rushing to pick Ari up, and getting a handle on our evening routine, we’re lucky to find anything to eat for dinner.

We’re focusing mainly on eating unprocessed foods. But we’re not perfect. In the coming weeks I’ll be focusing on more meal planning so that when things get crazy during the work week, we’ll be able to maintain balance.

These next few weeks I’ll continue focusing on developing a workout routine that works for our family. I understand that this may need to be adjusted from time to time to accommodate our teeny family’s needs, but I know that flexibility and not stressing over it will help me succeed the long run.

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Jen @ A Daily Dose of Davis February 8, 2013 at 10:34 am

Finding balance is so hard!!! With the kids getting older and involved in more things, I feel like I always have some place to be! And then when I get home, I have to prioritize what’s most important to get done and sadly, working out doesn’t always make the cut. But hey…at least we are TRYING!! I think as mamas, that’s all we can really ask of ourselves. We are trying 🙂 And I can’t tell you how much I wish I was closer to you so that I could run that 5K with your team!!!!! Thanks for linking up this week sweetie!!


Jen February 8, 2013 at 2:48 pm

My social calendar is getting ready to fill up. It’s making me nervous. I’ve got to squeeze in gym time. I don’t want all my hard work to go down the drain.


Amanda February 10, 2013 at 8:17 pm

I need a better workout routine. I do fine with eating, I just need a solid routine. I’m considering registering for a couch to 5k run here in Columbus.


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