my week{s} in review.

September 3, 2012 in week in review

The last two weeks have been nothing short of crazy.
But I’ve been getting so much done and it feels damn good!

here’s a look back at the last 2-weeks:

  • worked many many long hours.
  • felt very grateful after our amazing baby shower.

  • put a serious dent in the remaining items from our baby registry.
  • started washing all of baby boys clothes and sheets.
  • celebrated our 10-year high school reunion with great friends
    at Debonne Winery in Madison, Ohio.

  • enjoyed a little pedi pampering from my mother
    {since I can’t reach my toes!}
  • had my 34 week OB appointment.
  • bought new tires for my car
    {a bit early, thanks to a giant hole in my tire/rim}
  • got my haircut for the first time in 11 months
    {and a little ombre color, too!}

I’m sure this week is going to bring just as much craziness! :) Can’t wait!