The ” M ” Word

June 13, 2012 in mommyhood,Oh baby!

Nope, not marriage. Motherhood. I have about 4 months left in my pregnancy, and it will not be without worry.

That’s about the only thing I’m 100% positive about right now.

Over the years I’ve read my fair share of mommy blogs. Which means I’ve heard quite a bit of discussion around being a working mom versus a SAHM {stay at home mom}.

I always thought that when we had kids, I’d finally have my crap together… meaning, I’d be able to make that decision easily and without worry. And the decision I thought I would want to make was to go back to work.

But now that I’m really in this situation, I realize that I would totally make the opposite choice — to stay at home with our little peanut.

However, that’s not an option for us at this time. {Remember that super honest post where I put it all out there? Yeah, uh. That.} It’s scary to think that just a short time after a life-changing event, I’ll have to go back to “normal” life. I know Baby L isn’t here yet, but this already seems like it will be impossible to do — to go back to “normal.”

Besides eventually having to go back to work, I’m just worried in general about what happens after Baby L is born. I’m afraid of not knowing how to be a good mom. Or a good mom and a good wife at the same time.

What if I don’t live up to the Supermom unrealistic expectation that I’ve set for myself?

I know I’m not the first soon-to-be parent that is borderline panic about becoming and being a good mom. So I’m taking it in stride and trying to remind myself that it will all work itself out.


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Joelle June 13, 2012 at 12:06 pm

I feel ya… I’m not pregnant yet, but I feel like I will definitely have that panic. I don’t have much experience with babies, as I was the baby in my family. I guess, I would say to read up on baby books, have your mom on speed dial, and hopefully the motherly instinct will kick in when your little boy gets here. I also like to think about the many people that don’t have their shit together who are having babies… we definitely have things put together more so than most of the population. That’s my two cents. 🙂


Jenny @ Practically Perfect...
Twitter: americanrninnz
June 13, 2012 at 4:49 pm

I’m sorry you’re stressing so much. Things do work out, but they do get tough! The first couple of months after Joe was born were hard, but it also made my marriage stronger (despite some challenges). And while I didn’t return to work (part-time) till 5 months postpartum thanks to NZ’s parental leave policies, I know many women who have and I can tell you that they do figure it out 🙂 Whatever you do, whatever choice you make, I know you’ll be a great mom!


LWLH July 3, 2012 at 12:13 am

You’ll be a great mama and wife…try not to stress girl.


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