May Dreams & Goals

May 6, 2012 in dreams,goals

Is it seriously May?! How did the last 4 months fly by so quickly?

I’ve slacked on the monthly dreams & goals the last few months, but it feels good to be back to regular blogging.

May Dreams & Goals:

  • Practice at least one Power Yoga class a week.
  • Celebrate Chad’s birthday. And make it special.
  • Finish planning our post-elopement “reception.” We have a lot of planning to do! The only thing we’ve planned is the date and the location. Nothing else. Nada And just two months to go!
  • Start taking ballroom dance classes. Believe it or not, this actually has nothing to do with our wedding reception. In fact, we aren’t going to be ballroom dancing (or probably any sort of dancing) at the reception (yeah, it’s going to be super non-traditional; like everything that we’ve done!). We’ve had these planned for a while; just put it off for as long as possible (thanks Groupon!).
  • Read a couple more pregnancy books.
  • Finish up our baby registry. who knew it would be so overwhelming!
  • Be more present when I’m at home after work.
  • Celebrate our one-month wedding anniversary! I’m going to embrace these last few months we have as just the two of us!
  • Find out the gender of this baby I’m cooking!
  • Be present!

What dreams & goals do you have for this amazing month!?

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Twitter: suddenlysus
May 6, 2012 at 9:41 pm

I don’t know if I’ve sat and thought of monthly goals since 2012 started. My goal for May is to survive. This is a rough month at work. The seniors have something like 15 actual academic days left or something crazy like that.

Let me know if you need a hand with your reception, I’ll be sitting around bored all summer anyhow 😉


Amanda May 7, 2012 at 6:49 am

I haven’t thought much about goals but I’d say lots of home repairs and things are on the list (planting flowers, trimming trees and the like), getting my summer clothes organized and celebrating my 27th birthday at the end of the month 🙂

I can’t wait to hear what you’re having. I’ve been knitting baby hats recently so maybe I’ll whip up a few for you!


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