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January 11, 2012 in 2012,a better me,life,vision board,yoga,Yoga Bliss Akron

2012. The year that would be awesome. If you envision it, you can believe it, right?

I believe that whatever goals or visions we have for our future are destine to happen. So last month when I was stressing and the before the holidays got into full swing, I got an email from Yoga Bliss about a Vision Board Workshop. And I was all about it.

I had never done a vision board before, but I was familiar with the concept:

Make your vision for 2012 tangible by using images and words to show what you want your future to look like.

And it just so happens that lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking {and dreaming} about my future. Specifically, the next couple of years.

I have very specific ideas of how I want my almost immediate future to look. And very specific goals. So this workshop was right up my alley.

This weekend, the incredible Juli, of Yoga Bliss, led our workshop with an explanation of what vision boarding is, a 15-minute meditation, and then the constructing of our vision boards.

I had a fairly good idea of what my vision was for the upcoming year:

My goals are to:

– live in the present moment;

– not compare where I am in life to where everyone else is in life;

– to focus on being healthy in every way;

– which means to eat healthy,

– and practice yoga regularly;

– develop a deeper yoga practice;

– focus on eliminating useless financial stress;

– so that I am able to make the commitment of yoga teacher training {yay!};

– and further build upon the solid relationships I have in my life;

– by stressing choosing to not stress over situations beyond my control;

– and practicing self-compassion!

It’s liberating to be able to put this into the universe! It’s like saying “I not only CAN do this but I WILL do this!

So mark my words, 2012: this year is the year of me! I am putting my visions into action.


And I must seriously thank the awesome people I have in my life:

– Chad: the one who always believes in me, even when I’ve lost the belief in myself!

– to my amazing yoga teachers: they may think students don’t listen; but we hang on every word and trust your judgment and believe in your guidance.

– to my fellow bloggers: the incredible sense of community you make me feel is inspiring!


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Gwen January 11, 2012 at 2:27 pm

I love your folder!!! Such a great reminder of all your goals. And I’m with you on useless financial stress. Why do we always do that to ourselves? And I’ll be posting about comparing myself to others this week. 🙂 These are great goals!!! Go girl!!!


Twitter: SeriousKrystyn
January 11, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Such a great idea (and this is a test comment to see if email is working).


fizzgig January 11, 2012 at 6:46 pm

i have a ginourmous board plastered with pictures and phrases of things i love, things I want, and sayings I need to repeat. in the new year i realized, many of my goals (esp the health and fitness ones) have been accomplished! so I decided to add some new ones! If i dont take the quiet time to meditate each day and ponder my board, i at least see it every morning when i get dressed, and focus on a specific goal for the day.

I am a huge believer in keeping your dreams in your face. Its the best way to not lose sight of what you want!


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