Fat Tire Bike Ride and Wine Tour.

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A week ago we did our first wine tour — on a bicycle! I found out about this wine and bike tour {called the Fat Tire Bike Ride} on Living Social and figured, why not?

Others I talked to were… skeptical. Drinking wine and riding a bike!? Seems dangerous. I assured them, no, it would not be dangerous. It would be leisurely biking and sipping on some alcohol infused grape juice. No big deal, right? Right.

To start, the wine tour was held in Conneaut, Ohio — which is pretty much as close to Pennsylvania you can get in the upper right hand corner of the Buckeye state. So we packed up our car, bikes in tow, and drove the hour and a half to Tarsitano Winery.

On our drive up there, it started to pour rain. Crazy amounts. But I was hopeful! I told the BF “It will clear up!” Luckily, it did. Right before we got to Tarsitano.

So we started our wine tour with three {or was it four?} tastings. They were all delish, and reasonably priced {$15-$20 a bottle}, but we hesitated to buy bottles at our very first stop. So we told ourselves {and the very friendly workers} that if we made it to the end and still wanted to buy a bottle, we would before we left with our car {we parked at their winery}.

A note about Tarsitano: More than for the wine, I am anxious to go back and try their food. Apparently they require reservations because they are always so busy. Which wouldn’t be unusual except you should see how this place is located literally in the middle of nowhere in the smallest town in the world. Seriously. The smells of the homemade pastas and breads have been the subject of some serious food envy ever since.

{at Markko Winery}

When we left Tarsitano for the next winery, I realized that I might have been mistaken about the terrain — we weren’t riding on trails; we were riding on dirt roads. Very, very hilly dirt roads {which had just been rained on}. And we were sharing these roads with cars {well, pickup trucks, mostly}. And I left our helmets at home {What? I thought we would be on trails, not roads!}.

Our second stop, Markko Winery, was about 2 hilly miles from the first. It was… an interesting place. It looked like a shack, but the vintage riesling was to die for! Seriously. But it was also $30 for a bottle. So we passed. With the intentions of coming back if we didn’t find something we liked better.

{frizzy hair between winery 2 and 3}

Our third stop was Buccia Vineyard. By the time we made the lengthy ride to this place, we were ready to relax for a while. And the wine was incredible. Seriously. We had our two tastings each, we bought a few additional tastings, and then decided to share a — very full — glass. 

It was about then that the head started to get to me and I started to feel pretty good and relaxed! Shortly thereafter I ran into Becca from Peace, Love, and Bagels! Except, at the time, I didn’t realize it was her! Well at least I figured it out later, right?

We enjoyed our wine, chatted with some fellow winos and bikers, and watched a not-so-exciting game of cornhole. And debated whether or not to buy a case of wine from Buccia. Seriously there wine is so good! But we only got 4 bottles. {We have tickets to a wine festival they will be at in August, so I’m not worried if we run out!}

{sipping on wine and eating some chex mix. Notice the dirt on my legs}

Our last stop on the bike and wine tour was a place that didn’t exactly live up to it’s name — Biscotti’s Family Winery. I don’t know what I expected. Well, I lie. I hoped for biscotti. But what I got instead was concord grape wine and some watermelon to snack on! 

The wine was fruity and delicious, and after my tastings, the thought of riding 10 miles back to our car was exhausting! So the BF took a shuttle back to our car while I sat at the winery with our bikes and had a glass {or two} while I waited.

By the time we both were in the car, I was exhausted. From head to toe — exhausted.

It was fun; it was muddy; it was sweaty; and I would do it again next year! Maybe next time I’ll bring a helmet!

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Lil' Woman June 23, 2011 at 7:24 am

Sounds like a fun time…I don't think I would want to ride back either. : )


Amanda June 23, 2011 at 11:54 am

I heard about this from someone at my work who's parents live in that area! It sounds like fun and to think we'd have such cool wineries in Ohio!?!


Rebecca DiLiberto June 23, 2011 at 1:19 pm

First of all, I'm still giggling at the fact we met and didn't realize it! I had no idea the terrain was going to be as tough as it was either. I saw a few people ride off without helmets and I didn't want to wear mine, but at the last minute we decided to wear it. Thank goodness!


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