february 2011 dreams/goals.

February 7, 2011 in dreams,goals,life

It’s February already? Seriously?

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. Between starting my new/(old) job and traveling for training, I am exhausted. So things have been quiet on the blog front. Things may remain that way for the next week or so… at least until I can get settled into a routine. 

But that’s not going to stop me from setting a few goals this month.

It’s all about keeping it simple in February.

February 2011 Dreams/Goals:

1. Spend more time ‘offline’ for the sake of sanity.
2. Kick lots of butt at the gym.
3. Read three new books.
4. Go to 2 yoga classes at Cleveland Yoga.
5. Continue keeping things simple.
6. Spend less. And only spend when necessary. 
7. Update my iPhone at least 2 times.
8. Back up my computer.
9. Set intentions for the day.

January 2011 Dreams/Goals:

1. Keep a daily food journal to see how the food I eat impacts my health. I did OK at this. It was difficult to keep track of everything. But I know I should do this all the time, not just in the month of january.
2. Read 3 new books with my new Kindle. I read two and a half. So close!
3. Drink nothing but water and tea throughout the month. Didn’t happen. Wine was my friend in January.
4. Find time to do things that make me feel good, whether it’s taking a bubble bath or going for a run or to yoga. I worked out a lot and made it a point to relax. I’d say this was a success!
5. Really figure out how to fit an at-home yoga practice into my life. Too many changes in my routine for this to happen.
6. Spend quality time with the people who matter most. I definitely did this. I spent a lot of quality time with BF, my mom and dad, BFs family, and my sister.
7. Find new ways to organize at home. Ehh. We’ll revisit this one.
8. Keep things simple. I definitely tried. There were moments where I could have stressed a lot more, and I didn’t.
9. Plan less. Just enjoy the beginning of a new year. I’ve been semi-successful at this. The problem is, when you live in a society where everyone around you is planning, how do you avoid being caught up in it? It’s been a struggle. But I’ve definitely been more flexible in regards to scheduling.
10. Spend money on nothing but food and gasoline. Success. But pretty much without having a choice.
11. Continue to stay on top of cleaning the house during the week so I can relax on the weekend more. I’ve definitely let up on my strict cleaning schedule. And that’s a good thing. Cause I was spending all of my free time cleaning.
12. Clean out our pantry and get rid of anything old or expired. Done. With a lot of BFs help. But this needs to be a monthly occurrence.
13. Set an intention every morning for that day. Did not do. Should have. And just didn’t.
14. Back up my computer. Fail. Fail. Fail.
15. Update my iPhone once a week. Fail again. Ugh.


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Fizzgig February 7, 2011 at 4:55 am

I think i want to hire you to set goals for me!


Lil' Woman February 7, 2011 at 6:41 am

I second Fizzgig…you can set some of mine too..lol 🙂


Alissa February 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm

Somehow I didn't realize you were a blogger too!

Anyway, hang in there and don't beat yourself up. You've did some of those on that loooooong list of goals. I'd say you're successful!


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