detox: week two.

November 1, 2010 in about me,detox,life

Week 2 of the colon cleanse is done.
Before I get into the details of how this week went, I should answer a reader question.
The “can you eat food during this cleanse” question.
Yes! Yes! Yes! There are no specific requirements for eating habits while on the cleanse. We have been eating as we normally would. The only thing that has changed for me is cutting out all beverages except for water and the one cup of tea I have before bed.
This second week went really well.
I have felt so good without caffeine.

I haven’t been retaining any water and my skin has cleared up completely!

I did travel to North Carolina last week and my co-worker and I got stuck in a few airports thanks to less-than-awesome weather. The only place to hang out in a crowded airport? The airport bar. For hours and hours. and. hours. And I didn’t have anything but water! Win!
I’m craving less and less coffee, but the diet coke is another story. Serious cravings for diet coke still.
The only other “side effect” is that my morning yoga routine has… faltered. It’s difficult to know how my stomach will feel early in the morning, so I’ve had to skip my morning yoga routine.
Two weeks left to go!

…see part one here.


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Brown Girl November 1, 2010 at 2:32 am

You have me interested in this cleanse but….

THANK YOU for being the ONLY person that got my anchor man quote!!! You freaking ROCK! 😉


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