House of Blues: Last Comic Standing Birthday Celebration!

October 9, 2010 in BF,birthday,cleveland,fun,funny,house of blues,life,nightlife

Happy weekend, my loves!

Hope it’s off to a good start! I had meant for mine to start with blogging, but I ended up falling asleep pretty early last night.
It was probably much needed, so no complaints.

So the exciting extension to my birthday celebration was going to see the top 5 finalists from Last Comic Standing at the House of Blues!

: The House Of Blues in Cleveland is pretty much the most perfect venue I’ve ever been in. It’s small and gorgeous!
I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house!

I had never watched any previous year, but this season I was hooked! I had my favorites, Myq and Tommy, and they made it to the top 5!

{Myq Kaplan}
We laughed so hard. I was a little bit sad because my favorite, the scrawny guy, Myq, seemed to be a little ‘off’ and was stumbling through some jokes. He mentioned something about drinking a lot prior to the show. He doesn’t seem like a drinker to me, but based on his performance,
I’d say he was probably putting back a few.

The second to last performance was my all-time fave, Tommy Johnagin. Not only hilarious, but really cute? Heck yes!

{cutie, Tommy Johnagin}
It was the most awesome birthday gift from BF!
And definitely thing we can add to our incredible memories!

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Lil' Woman October 17, 2010 at 4:17 am

I haven't seen the show but I love going to comedies show, lucky you.


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