friday 5: fireworks

July 4, 2009 in Friday Five

Better late than never, right? Well, as some of you know I was away from blogger/twitter/reader today because BF and I went to Pittsburgh. More to come on that adventure tomorrow! But today is Friday… So here is this weeks edition of the Friday 5!
1. How do you feel about fireworks displays?
Ehh. I used to be terrified of them. Now I’m sort of indifferent. I pretend to “ooh” and “ahh,” but most of the time I’m thinking “really? people spent how much money so they could light these off??”
2. What are the details surrounding one of your mishaps with fire?
Umm, I lit some candles to take a bath. Set them on the tub. Set them in the wrong place (underneath a ledge of the tub). Burned a whole in the tub wall. I. Am. Awesome.
3. Who in your life could be described as a real firecracker?
Most of my family. They tend to be short-fused.
4. When did you last feel you were being put on display?
At some point at work recently. I don’t want to get into how I get paraded like an underpaid prize at work sometimes.
5. How confident are you in your barbeque skills?
If by barbeque skills you mean dipping in BBQ sauce?… very. 😉

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