Friday 5 – BUGS!

June 5, 2009 in Friday Five

Hope everyone’s Friday’s are going well! I cannot wait for this work day to be over! I’m not sure what this weekend holds in store for me, but I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated! 🙂


What’s a Friday without the Friday5??

  1. What bugs truly freak you out?
    All of them. For real. I hate bugs.
  2. Which Bugs Bunny cartoon do you remember most fondly?
    I remember hating bugs bunny and most of the looney toons. They BUG me. LOL. Crack myself up.
  3. What bugs you most about your life online?
    Walking a fine line between real life and online anonymity.
  4. Which of your favorite websites seems often to be especially buggy?
    Twitter. Facebook. BLOGGER. Yes, blogger, why are you so annoying?
  5. When were you last too sick to get out of bed? A few months ago I woke up feeling like death. Called off work on a really important day (which I hate doing). UGH.

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Mich June 5, 2009 at 9:25 pm

i want to answer them too!!! these are cute questions!

1 – spiders and centipedes. YUCK them and all their legs.

2 – the barber of seville? (ceville?) – CLASSIC!

3 – the fact that people i am “friends” with online (blogging) live so far away and i may never get to meet them in real life even though i think they are amazing.

4 – Twitter is ALWAYS buggy!

5 – about 2 years ago… a few months before i had my tonsils taken out and i had the worst case of tonsilitis EVER! (i dont count recovering from the surgery because that wasnt from a bug!)

Have a bug-free weekend!!


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