Baseball Games: The New Birth Control

June 14, 2009 in Akron,children,food,movie,sports,weekend,workout

Last night I went to an Akron Aeros (local team, obv.) baseball game and his (Big Brothers-Big Sisters) little bro. It was fun. I expected to have no common ground with this kid, but quickly realized that he is very similar to my 16 year old cousin. It was fun, minus the hundreds of screaming children surrounding us.
Looking on the brightside though, lately I’ve been warming up to the idea of (possibly way in the future) having a child (again, someday way in the future). But being around that many children was perfect birth control.
We went out to Luigi’s afterwards for some grub. I haven’t had Luigi’s pizza (or any pizza really) for about a year. It was delicious. But a belly ache quickly followed.
During the whole outting event I had palpitations about three or four times…. a couple were almost enough to make me pass out. I haven’t passed out from them yet, but it’s making me so dizzy and starving me from oxygen long enough that it’s making me have to cough for air. I’ll be following up with the doctor on Monday.
I attempted to call the doctor today while I was working at the yoga studio, but, of course, they were closed. I was worried that if I actually got ahold of the doctor she might send me to the ER. No thanks.
BF and I hit up a Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight and stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods to look for some roller blade wheels and bearings, but they appearantly don’t carry them anymore. I told BF that a bike shop will probably have them (and there are about a million bike shops in this area, not sure why) and he’s pretty positive they won’t. We’ll see. I think I’ll win this challenge though.

The other plus of today is that I finally got an iPod Nano 4th Generation so I can start my Nike + workout tomorrow. I can’t decide whether I want to train for a 10k or a 1/2 Marathon. I’m pretty sure I could easily run a 10k now, so I may be bold and go for the 1/2 marathon training. Eek! That’s pressure though!
Ok, off to watch a scary movie (Quarantine). Have a great night everyone!

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The Preppy Polka Dot June 14, 2009 at 5:21 pm

Totally random, but…If your looking for a cover or skin for your new ipod I would totally suggest Iskin!. They are clear and silicon-ish so the color of the ipod shows through but they have like a frosted design on them like croc, circles, or the one I got is called ivy and it's like a swirly pattern. They have them at Target but I got mine on Ebay. 🙂


*krystyn* June 14, 2009 at 9:29 pm

a very purty ipod. yay. are you going to make a Nike+ mini and put her on your blog???


*krystyn* June 15, 2009 at 1:18 pm

I love your Nike Mini gal – love the sunglasses too. You have a nice (fast) pace…wish I could say the same. 🙂


~**Dawn**~ June 18, 2009 at 4:19 pm

You know what else does it? Working daycare. The staff that came in to help me in the afternoon was a bunch of high school girls & after about 3 days, they were all very certain they planned to wait a long LONG time! LOL!


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