words to live by: version 4

May 23, 2009 in words to live by

Be a good loser and a good winner.
Don’t fill your body with rubbish food.
Find happiness with what you have and with who you are.
Don’t take anything personally.
Learn from your misery and pain.
Fill your mind with healthy thoughts.
Don’t overreact to lifes bumps.
Don’t be disturbed by unavoidable accidents.
Be an eternal optomist.
Discard all jealousy.
Act with integrity.
Act with no expectations.
Act with enthusiasm.

Train your mind to be in a good mood.

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*krystyn* May 25, 2009 at 4:32 pm

I wish I could train my mind to be in a good mood. *sigh* that’s a HUGE challenge!


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