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May 29, 2009 in my beef

No not literally. But I’ve definitely got some beef with the world right now. Please don’t think I’m insensitive. Cause really a lot has happened this year.

Ok. Here it goes…

Hey world, how about when you fire someone from their job you use the term fired instead of “we decided to part ways.” You’re not fooling anyone.

And how about when you “part ways” with an employee who was NEVER doing their job correctly, you hire someone (right away) who is fully competent of the task at hand? Just a thought.

Also, might I add, I’m thrilled about taking on this persons work yet again. Sure it works out for you cause you do not have to pay me anymore than you already are…. sure it looks good for me because it shows I’m willing to be “flexible” (or perhaps to see how flexible I’ve been you could refer back to the last 2 years of 55+ hour work weeks handling special projects and the complete neglect to my social life).

Hey people of the world… sometimes your selfish thoughts harm others. Quit being weak. We all have our demons. Mine are not better or worse than yours, they just are what they are. There’s no reason to cause those around you a world of pain when you decide you’ve had enough and can’t go on.

Another thing, world, when you work in a business where you are offering services to the consumer and you have to be face-to-face with your consumer, SMILE. It’s the least you could do. No one wants to see that sour look on your face as you work at your register. Is it the best job you could have? No. Are you probably miserable because of it? Yes. But listen, we all owe each other the kindness of strangers. So when your job requires you to be polite, just do it. I’m always polite. It’s not that hard.

Thanks for listening. I’ve needed that for a minute or two.

Happy Friday!

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