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May 8, 2009 in Friday Five

The Friday 5 for May 8th 2009!

1. What’s your favorite card game?
My favorite card game would probably be something like Phase 10 or Skip-Bo. I think other regular card games like Rummy are kinda boring.

2. What’s your favorite roll-the-dice-and-move game?
Monopoly! I will always love that game… or Life… but I don’t think you really “roll”… you spin.

3. What’s your favorite playground game?
I remember the days of 4-square and how I used to play for HOURS at a time! Those were the days…

4. What’s your favorite party game?
A**hole for SURE! I LOVE that game… it’s just fun. ‘Nuff said.

5. What’s your favorite computer game?
I used to love playing the SIMS…. I feel like people are really going to judge me over this one… 🙂 Don’t judge. 😉

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