I love Sundays.

May 3, 2009 in food,girls nite,movie,pottery,weekend

Well here we are again…

It’s Sunday night and I’m recalling what an AWESOME weekend this truly was. I am not even disappointed that tomorrow is Monday. I know this week will fly by and that it will be another weekend before I know it!

Friday night was Margarita & Pottery Girls Nite! Pictures to come shortly! We had a blast! We ate some wonderful food at Metro Burger in Highland Square. The BYOT (Bring Your Own Tequila) worked out well. I managed to find mango flavored tequila and mixed it with frozen mango & strawberry margarita mix! I painted a plate (again) and got a little tipsy on a giant margarita!

Yesterday BF and I went back to our hometown. We spent the day walking… literally… all over the place! Walking the dog, walking in the Relay for Life, and walking at the Maple Festival. All I have to say is… wow, I ate the BEST (and worst for you) food ever! Gyros! Fair Fries with Vinegar! Maple Stirs!

We ended our night by seeing XMEN Origins: Wolverine (aka Wolverine Beginnings) and Taken at the Drive-In. It turns out if you bring your own food in, they charge you a “food permit.” WTF? Takes all the fun out of it! We were badasses and didn’t buy a permit tho! 😉

Today we went to visit his mother and spent some time doing yardwork. I cannot wait to eat some dinner and snuggle up with him while we watch a documentary….

Goodnight. Happy Sunday!

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