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May 8, 2009 in cleveland yoga,job,takeout

“There are three ingredients to the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.”
-Christopher Morley
So I have been ultra-scatterbrained recently. No matter how much time I give myself to do things, I never seem to have NEARLY enough time as is required. My existing position at work has been severely stressing me out. On top of that, I have still not heard about the potential J-O-B. Sigh. I am super stressing about everything. Last night I just randomly started to cry. I don’t know what’s worse: the actual change or the anxiety over not knowing about the potential change.

BF is doing a fairly decent job at trying to calm my anxieties, but I will continue to stress, I’m sure. It’s the way I operate.

Speaking of BF, we did go to a yoga class Wednesday night. It was his first “in class” practice, even though we have been doing yoga at home. I could tell he was a little nervous. So I took him to a basics class at Cleveland Yoga. So it turns out he thought it was a flow class (which are classes heated to 72 degrees). It was actually a hot class, which is heated to a steaming 85 degrees (+ a sweaty room full of people..). So he went through the whole class thinking “This is a hot 72 degrees.” I’m actually grateful that he thought it was the flow class cause I think he would have psyched himself out if he knew it was the hot class. But it was wonderful! He did awesome and we both felt great afterwards. And by great, I mean we were starving! So we hit up the PF Changs Takeout afterward!

So besides all this excitement, nothing has really been going on…

I do want to share some of my favorite things as of recent:

Real Simple. For real, I have an obsession with this magazine/website. I mean, what slightly domestic (and OCD) chick wouldn’t be?!?

-My new Scrabble Apple! Scrabble on the go is awesome!! I have an obsession with word games. I love that the BF seems to be almost as obsessed (or at least humors me by playing Scrabble with me).

This dress from J.Crew! I want it before the whitewater/birthday trip!

Buttoned Up (and all other) organizing stuff!

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*krystyn* May 8, 2009 at 8:55 pm

I love that dress – not for me though (I don’t do sleeveless/strapless etc.) It’s very pretty!


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