exhaustion has set in

May 14, 2009 in girls nite,yoga

Day 2 down! BF will be home next Wednesday. In the meantime I kept myself busy by going to my power vinyasa yoga class after work! (PS-More to come on the awesome benefits of Power Vinyasa Yoga — perhaps a post for tomorrow?). My practice was not awesome. In fact, I think the reason it was not awesome was because I have been to yoga almost every day this week. My body is exhausted. I am exhausted. I almost fell asleep during work today. So no yoga for me tomorrow.
On a side note, picked up some items to help me organize BFs pantry/kitchen… he won’t know what hit him by the time he gets home. 😉 Speaking of BF being gone… I really hate that he is gone, but he is INCREDIBLY sweet to me. There is no shortage of “i love you’s” and other sentiments. I love it!
Tomorrow should be a (fairly) cake day at work. After work I’m going to go check on BFs kitties and then head out to Karaoke night! Some of the gals and I are going to a little Mexican restaurant for some eats, drinks and singing! Yay! I need one of these nights! 🙂
Saturday morning I’ll be going to yet another kick booty yoga class… followed by a few hours of working at the yoga studio (yes, I work at a yoga studio part-time). I have absolutely nothing planned for Saturday afternoon (except for some laundry and SNL… Will Ferrell is on!!).
Sunday I have a friends baby shower to attend. Prior to the shower I’ll be getting a nice yoga practice in (if you haven’t noticed, I’m hitting it hard while BF is out of town—-less distractions). After the baby shower I’m cleaning out the house. Most importantly, the PANTRY! Seriously, there will be “before” and “after” pictures. So long bachelor pad pantry!! Hello domesticated (and feminized … aka organized) pantry!
What’s everyone doing this weekend?

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