Where has this week gone!?! Last night I literally had to ask myself, “What the heck did I even DO this week?” It seems as though the week flew by! I have been overseeing two trainings at work all week, and keeping pretty busy when I leave work.

OH! I almost got ran off the road by a crazy person with some serious road rage and anger issues. That was… terrifying! It turns out the police cannot actually do anything unless they witness the incident. WTF, police. Then what can you do?

BF and I were supposed to go to a yoga class Wednesday night, but that didn’t happen. He got called out for work after hours. It was a bummer. So instead, I went for a nice run outside. Running has been great lately. The only problem is, I cannot run on a treadmill. I hate it. It hates my body. It makes me ache in ways I never imagined possible. I’m not sure why this occurs when I run on a treadmill but not when I am running outside.

So Wednesday night when he got out of work, we went to grab a bite to eat from this local place I had never been to before. During our meal, I found out that he will be leaving to visit Denver with his mother on his birthday. I don’t know if it was the PMS or the stress (or both?), but I started to cry. It seems that birthdays mean more to me than they do to him. I suppose this could be his age, but I was temporarily broken-hearted. So bummed. I love planning birthday celebrations. And I’m aware that we are taking a trip shortly after he returns from Denver, but I was still so bummed. It made me uncomfortable to even be that bummed. Which then I realized that this was probably PMS-induced craziness. Sigh. The joys of being a chick.

Yesterday I ended up getting out of work an hour and a half early. I decided that since I hadn’t been to a yoga class in two weeks (the longest it’s been in a REALLY long time), I would go to an early afternoon yoga class in Hudson. It felt great! There were only a few people in the class, but I definitely kicked butt (are you allowed to say that about yoga? I dunno, but I did!). I had an awesome practice and my form was amazing.

After yoga I went over to BF’s and I cleaned myself and the house up! I decided to be very domestic and bake some cranberry-oatmeal-chip cookies! (BTW-Lately I have found the joy in domesticity). I also “cooked” (which really means picked up Chinese takeout). By the time I got home with dinner, BF had just arrived and was munching on a (still warm) cookie! So I dished out the meal and we sat down to enjoy it in front of the most recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. We love Bill Maher!

BF had previously agreed to come with me to see a friend that was bartending at a local establishment. So we made the journey. They just so happened to have karaoke going on last night. BF has never really heard me sing before, so I knew I wasn’t making it out of there without singing. And I rocked it! 😉

And now it’s finally Friday. Thank goodness! Tonight is the big girls-margarita-pottery nite! We’re going to grab some dinner and spend the night with Mr. Jose Cuervo! Should be a good time! I will keep you updated!

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