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Here we go again…

So I can’t help but feel so cliche when Monday morning hits. Why is it that we ALL tend to feel like Monday is the worst possible day of the week? I mean, I get it. The weekend has ended, but why does Tuesday feel so much better? It usually equally sucks.

So I took a look at my little ‘to-do’ list for the weekend, and I accomplished a LOT!

Star Trek was AWESOME. For real. Loved it! And BF bought some (greasy) popcorn, which I enjoyed thoroughly!

-After Star Trek we went out to Cheeseburger In Paradise, where I got a DELICIOUS drink and a GREAT burger (yummm to mushrooms & swiss!).

-We rushed to All Fired Up! to pick up the gals pottery before they closed! We JUST made it! I was semi-h
appy with the results… but it wasn’t my best work.

-We finally got home around 11PM Friday night and we pretty much went straight to sleep. We were exhausted.

-Saturday morning I had to drag BF’s butt out of bed so we would make it to our yoga class. My favorite teacher would be leading the class so missing it was not an option… We made it and we had a wonderful practice. BF really seems to like it. I am thrilled that he is taking an interest in something that means so much to me already.

-After our practice, I convinced him to run into the mall with me. Yes, we were sweaty, but there is only ONE mall in all of Northeast Ohio that has a MAC makeup counter and I am usually not near it. So we dragged our sweaty selves to the MAC makeup counter. I (quickly) made my purchases and headed out of the mall.

-Our next stop: Whole Foods Market! One of my favorite places! We were starving for some lunch, so we grabbed some delicious takeout.

-Before I knew it, it was Saturday evening! I headed with BF and his dad to get some dinner to celebrate BFs upcoming birthday (which is this Wednesday)! We went to a gourmet pizza place that we had never been to before. The pizza was good, the wait was FAR too long. For real. Seated and then waiting 45 minutes for our pizza to come?!? WTF. But they did sing BF happy birthday, so that was sweet.

-Post-birthday dinner we went to A&Bs to watch the CAVS game. Turns out the gals didn’t watch the game at all! We were busy gossiping, laughing and drinking wine! BF hung out with the guys (I am SO grateful he already mostly knows my friends and that he gets along with them so well). I drank just a little bit of wine 😉 It was a really good time and it was great to be able to blow off some steam. Plus I arranged to have A&B pick up an Ice Cream cake that I had ordered for BF. So he was very surpirsed about the singing of Happy Birthday and his very delicious Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake!

-Sunday morning I celebrated mom’s day with the fam. We went out to breakfast and then my sister and parents went to see the Cleveland Indians
game. This left me with a lot of time to get my own stuff done, uninterrupted. I cleaned my car (woo hoo! For those of you who have seen my car, you know why I am so happy about this) and I began some laundry. I also finished BFs birthday card. Which I don’t think I have mentioned is a Bday card/scrapbook card. I basically made a mini-scrapbook birthday card. I’m crafty like that. And I like to show him how much he means to me (I know, so lovey-dovey). So that is finished and I’ve posted some pictures of the final product!

-I did not have a chance to go to White House Chocolates and I was super bummed that I did not get my TigerButter fix! But BF got some for his birthday and shared some with me last night. When he leaves this week I’ll be home more and have time to stop by White House Chocolates myself!

-That being said, this week will be busy. I’m taking BF and his mom to the airport Wednesday morning. I am not at all thrilled about him leaving. I am feeling the first stings of jealousy (of my life!). That’s for another post tho… And I will be crossing my fingers regarding that job (that I STILL have not heard back about… GRRR.).

So here’s to another week.. and another Monday.

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*krystyn* May 11, 2009 at 3:53 pm

I would so like to try Yoga. Just not good timing right now -money & little guy…hoping I find a good place to try it in the future. I think it would really help me!

Chzburger in Paradise – YUM!!


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