Anxiety overload!

May 28, 2009 in trip

It’s almost the weekend. I have very little going on right now but work and spending time with BF. I’ve been focused on getting things ready for our camping trip. I have a little OCD so I MUST plan and pack in advance.

BF and I picked up some things from the store (per my request) like sunscreen, snacks and adult beverages. Sadly, as soon as we got home I wanted to pack. I refrained from packing right away. I definitely need to do some laundry first (like, tonight!).

It just seems like there is so much to do prior to this trip. We need to pack up everything; pack the car; get cash! AHHH! I’m such an anxious person as it is… I need to get my stuff together TONIGHT! I’ll keep you posted… That’s for sure!

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