I’m still exhausted from the weekend and it’s already Tuesday!

So today was a fairly busy day of training at work so I didn’t get to update this like I originally intended, so here’s the condensed version (gimme a break-I’m beat!).

I didn’t get a call about the job on Friday. I half expected not to because that’s just how things go. “HR will have it figured out by Friday close of business” can easily turn into a week. However, I made a last ditch effort “I’m very excited about this opportunity” call. So I was a little bummed that I would have to spend my weekend still wondering where my life is headed within the next couple of months. But, regardless, BF and I went to the Cleveland Indians game Friday night. It as great! The weather was beautiful and there was a fireworks display following the game.

I. Was. Starving. After the game. For real. I usually like to indulge in a game hot dog and/or beer, but couldn’t really justify the cos this time. So afterwards, we hit up Aladdins for some pita and hummus. WAY better than a stadium hotdog.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to go pick up some breakfast from Panera for us before we had to head to the Akron Zoo. Although I’ve been trying to kick my filthy Starbucks habit, I decided that the zoo was special occassion enough to justify the 4 bucks I spent on an iced latte (I can justify anything if I put my mind to it!).

So we headed to the zoo bright and early. We set up our table with the last five
Editions of EcoWatch Ohio, and settle in for the day. BF offered me some of his SPF 15, to which I kindly declined stating that my natural olive skin tone would allow for me to tan wonderfully. Our table was set up directly between two tables with giveaways. Let me tell you, people care a lot less about a newspaper if that’s all you have to offer. But we stuck it out for a few hours. We then walked around the zoo which was no nice.

After the zoo we are EXHAUSTED! The sun will do that to you, I suppose. Later that night we decided to go out for burgers and putt putt. The putt putt course was out of control, but really fun. We went to get some yummy Coldstone after putt putt and it ended the day wonderfully.

Sunday we were wastes of space! Too much sunburn will do that to ya! We went for a hike and picnic. BFs idea. The hike was exhausting but fun! We also spent a little time doing yardwork and grocery shopping. Followed by cooking a wonderful meal of grilled chicken and mango salsa!

Sigh! What a wonderful weekend. So happy. So so happy. 🙂

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S.C October 7, 2011 at 3:25 am

Love that you and BF do so much fun things together, pointing me in a few directions with this blog :D. Nice picture as well nice to see you and BF so happy he is cute 😛


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