What a weekend!

April 20, 2009 in family,Oscar

Weekend flew by. I spent a lot of time with BFs family again. His grandmother passed away so I took Friday afternoon off from work so I could go to the calling hours with him. After the calling hours we went to his cousins house and we had some wine. It was so much fun! I adore his family. They are amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable around another persons family before.

Saturday we went to the funeral and spent some more time with the family. It seemed like the longest day. But we finished it off with some baseball in the backyard with his cousins kids, some CAPP’s Pizza (my favorite!!), and watching BF and his cousins on home videos circa 1990. BTW… FREAKIN’ hilarious! 🙂

Spent Sunday keeping the puppy occupied by playing some wiffleball with him. Then BF & I went out for seafood. How terribly good it tasted, but how horrible I felt afterwards (my body does not like grease).

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