sweaty saturday.

April 4, 2009 in cleveland,cleveland yoga,yoga

-yoga class this morning was incredibly difficult and pushed me way beyond my comfort zone. the room was filled to capacity at 80 people. there were people waiting outside the class to fill any vacant spots. let me tell you… there were no empty spots. in fact, you had to be real Linkcomfortable with your neighbor. i can’t tell you how much sweat people shared this morning. 86 degree room and less than a half an inch between 80 mats can get real gross, real fast. there were a few times where i had to take childs pose. i felt so sick to my stomach. i really should have eaten breakfast this morning. it’s not as if i avoided eating breakfast. i actually left for class really early this morning so i could stop at trader joes or whole foods for a healthy breakfast. both were closed. wtf whole foods. wtf. so i skipped breakfast and got starbucks coffee instead… for those of you counting the error of my ways, yes, this is number 2… first was skipping breakfast, the 2nd was loading up on espresso and then going in to an eighty-six degree room full of eighty 98.6-degree bodies. the class was pretty awesome though. practically all of the cleveland yoga teachers were there practicing with kinndli. candy and tami were both assisting. kinndli had us partner up with a stranger to do some headstand/crow partner poses. it was also nice because in regular yoga classes, people are extremely quiet. but this was more of a workshop type of class, so i actually met some people. it was nice. overall i’m very happy i decided to sign up for the master class!

-the rest of my afternoon will be spent at work. i’m here til three, so my working day is almost over. sooo close!

-dinner with BFs family later. 🙂

-still feeling quite weird about anything and everything that isn’t related to yoga right now. so uncertain about the direction in which i’m headed and any potential decisions, including the decisions i’m making about my personal life right now.

-reminding myself of the things i promised i would do for me this weekend. one down, a few more to go!

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