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April 23, 2009 in addict,april,food,fortune,move,optimism,takeout,voyage

I always get the crappy fortune cookie when we go out for Chinese. It’s inevitable. I’m unsure how it always seems to be this way. BF will get something like “You will have amazing things happen to you” and I will get “You won’t die today.” OK, so I’m being slightly dramatic. But seriously, when we first started getting Chinese together, I would get these really crappy fortunes in my fortune cookie while he got a really powerful and uplifting message. I was bummed.

To clarify hear, BF and I started dating in October 2008. I didn’t realize this prior to, but he is an addict to Chinese cuisine. Me? Not so much. I enjoy the occasional piece of sesame chicken (or vegan sesame chicken) but tend not to stray. So we eat a LOT of Chinese… and, without fail, every single time, I get a crappy fortune. I even hesitate when going to grab a cookie… is this going to tell me, yet again, how something good is not going to happen to me.

So Tuesday I picked up some Chinese takeout (Garlic green beans and Lo Mein! YUM!). It was delicious… and I really wanted to see what that cookie had in store for me… I finally decided to make the trip back to the kitchen to get it. And…

A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories.

Sigh of relief! I need a new voyage. And, in fact, I’m still waiting to hear if I will be taking a new voyage to a new city. Tomorrow is the day that I am supposed to hear about the job! Please cross your fingers for me!

I’m slightly nervous about where my life will be in just a couple of months!

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BrittNE April 23, 2009 at 2:23 pm

Good Luck!!!


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