big weekend of… ME!

April 3, 2009 in pottery,yoga

I really have a lot planned for myself this weekend. Maybe if I write them down, I will hold myself accountable for getting to these things. So they aren’t really ‘urgent,’ but I would really like to spend a weekend focusing on ME. I always say I’m going to do this, but I never really do.

So tonight I’m supposed to hang out with the BF, but I’m not really sure if that will happen or not. I think I want it to happen because he said it would more than I want it to happen because I really need it to (not sure if this really makes sense to anyone…).

Tomorrow morning I have my Master Yoga Class with Kinndli (yay!). Very excited. I had planned to go to Spirit of Clay (by myself) afterwards but I got a call that someone needs me to cover for them at the yoga studio. It’s a semi-bummer, but I really need the money so I’ll probably go in for a few hours.

I really want to finish this book, Naked, before the weekend is over. I spent a good deal of time reading it last night (and it’s REALLY good), but I fell asleep. Oops! Overtired.

I also want to hit up a yoga class or two on Sunday.

So no one is really included on my big plans, but we’ll see what happens! 🙂

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