an attempt to organize (thoughts).

April 2, 2009 in training,yoga

1. finish this gosh darn training! grr! i’m tired of talking about telecom crap!

2. go to the bank. gotta finally do this. (so there’s really no reason that i’m avoiding this other than i’m lazy)

3. check out a new yoga class at the Yoga Lounge in Hudson. pretty excited to check out a new teacher.

4. very excited about my yoga masters class with Kinndli McCullom on saturday. should be different and challenging!

5. debating whether or not to go to the krishna das performance on monday.

6. having trouble concentrating on things of value (ie. life, money, ME). not sure why. i’m just really dazed. i blame it on stress.

7. did i mention i’m really looking forward to the yoga practices i have planned? seriously. very excited.

8. wanting to organize. big time. when i’m stressed or under pressure or need to relax, i have an urge to organize everything. if i had to self-analyze, i’d say that this probably comes from an urge to control the things that i can have some control over… or, in other words, i have an urge to control everything, but since i can’t control certain things in my life, i will control everything else.

9. i have an itch to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

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