a mess of words.

April 2, 2009 in thoughts

“Even in the presence of extraordinary pain, we were taking right action, we were attending to our practice, each in his own way.” -Meditations from the Mat.

There’s a lot on my mind, so I’m going to do my best to get it out. I’m guessing it will just come out as a mess of words…

So many things to do:
-Send my taxes out… (oops… way to procrastinate.)
-Go to the bank (something that is VERY simple, but also something I have been avoiding all week).
-Check out the Yoga Lounge in Hudson.
-Read, read, read. A passage everyday from Meditations from the Mat & the book Naked by David Sedaris. He is so witty. Both are something I need right now. A little inspiration. A little humor.
-Tickets to Ani Difranco? Not sure. April 24th at the House Of Blues in Cleveland… Anyone want to go?
-Register for a cooking class. Hopefully a couples cooking class… the least I could do is learn to cook something. No one could survive on cookies. Or could they…. 🙂
-Continue to run outside as the weather gets nicer. I hate treadmills and they hate me. I do, however, enjoy running outdoors. I’m running a race on Memorial Day with my friend Wyatt. Also running a leg in the Akron Road Runner Marathon this summer.
-Desperate to go to the Indians versus Red Sox game later this month (Go Red Sox!)

See? Nothing here but a bunch of unclear thoughts.

we are beaten and blown by the wind
blown by the wind
oh when i go there
i go there with you
it’s all i can do.

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