April 13, 2009 in yoga

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost an entire week since I’ve updated anything. Where to begin!?

So Wednesday at work, I started to have the beginnings of a nervous breakdown. I had not really talked to anyone in my family about what’s going on, nor had I talked to BF about it. I was stressed to say the least. And anxious. And emotional.

I went to yoga last Wednesday night, and I cried the whole time. Not a healthy-this-is-so-moving cry, but a OMG-I’m-losing-my-mind kind of cry. Very unhealthy. After yoga I checked my voicemails and called my friend Katie back. Turns out she’s engaged. I was very happy for her, but I know I was not expressing it well. I didn’t mean for this to appear to be this way, but I was so down and stressed.

BF was supposed to have been at a bowling banquet Wednesday night, but just before yoga I let him in on the secret that I was semi-losing it. He only spent an hour at the banquet and then I went to pay him a visit.

It was emotional. And I think he was surprised by everything. And then turned supportive. I’m feeling much better now that I have gotten some off of my chest. Now I’m excited. I want it all to just happen. RIGHT NOW. I’m ready. 🙂

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