The pain you wish to escape is everywhere…

March 24, 2009 in words to live by,yoga

I am sometimes get so emotional, so moved, in my yoga classes that I cry. I cannot explain it but to say that it’s a very raw kind of emotion that I have not felt in years. The spiritual connection I get from yoga is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. This being said, there is a lot that has happened within the last 12 or so months that I have been avoiding coming to terms with. The mix of this raw emotion and the emotions I have been bottling up seem to bubble to the surface and I just lose it during my practice.

The yoga teacher often times will read passages from meditation books or from the gita, and tonight one passage struck me particularly hard. It reads: “Don’t walk so fast. The pain you wish to escape is everywhere.” This hit very close to home tonight. I tend to be the person who runs at the sign of any pain or uncertainty. I avoid coming to terms with my problems and, instead, flee.

The fact that my problems will exist whether I hurry through my day and worry about everything, or whether I go about my day knowing full well that things will just work themselves out, the problems will still exist. So, why not choose the easier practice of not letting my problems drag me down and ruin my mood.

I have so much to say right now. I have no energy to say it. Crying has exhausted me.

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S.C October 7, 2011 at 2:33 am

Been reading your blog (from beginning) I hope you don't mind. I am sort of going through a massive life changes too and his post hit me, I am exact same as you at this point in your blogging.. I have decided to look into Yoga too as it sounds as if it really helps you and I hope it does same for me 😀


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