no you cannot save my soul

March 5, 2009 in opinions

I’m in a war. It’s a Facebook war. It’s me versus the super religious. I didn’t mean to start this war. It just kind of happened. Now this person is saying that they feel wonderful because they know that Jesus is the way. That’s great. But the way for what? I think I’m doing just fine without using the same crutch. Let’s remember, people, these are my views. That doesn’t mean that I frown on all the religious of the world, but that does mean that I am OK without having your savior in my life. I am fine. I don’t need you to pray for me; I don’t need your criticism or your judgment; CHILL OUT RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. No, you cannot save my soul. And yes, I realize I may suffer eternal damnation. That is my problem. Work on your own issues.

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The Bald Eagle March 9, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Wow Rach, sounds like you’re pretty fired up about this. I give you props for letting it all out. I go to church but am not nuts about it. I believe in Jesus but not to the point of shoving him in everyone’s face. These people make him look bad while making themselves look worse. I can see why they’d get on your nerves…they get on mine. I think your soul is just fine, so keep being you. That is the only way one’s soul can be “saved” – by being most fully who you are. Keep it up, and to hell with all the naysaying praysaying judges out there.


The Girl September 11, 2010 at 2:17 am

I could not agree more with this post and last. (Your blog caught my eye and now I am catching up…). Just because one does not believe in god, jesus, etc does not mean we don't have a moral compass. it's great to see someone who is intelligent enough to not just on the god bandwagon and make your own educated decisions.


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