WTF coupons.

February 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I was trying to figure out what to eat today (a process that could literally take all day — and in the end I wouldn’t end up eating anything). I went through the drawer at my parents house that houses the take-out menus and coupons for local restaurants. My parents don’t get take-out very often… maybe once a month they’ll order a pizza… So explain to me why we have 400 pizza coupons?! I decided (well, my OCD decided) that I should clean out the coupon/menu drawer. Any coupons that were expired got tossed. However, most of these pizza “coupons” have no expiration date… this is because they always offer the specials with or without the coupon. So WTF are there four hundred pizza coupons? Heck if I know. And no, I did not throw them away… in fear that some non-regular-pizza-eating person would notice. I just neatly organized them (by food type – Pizza, Chinese, etc) and put them back into the drawer. 

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