Last Thursday I hurried the kiddos into the car and packed up a couple of bags to make our way to Columbus. My sister gave me the good word that she was, indeed, in labor!

She was a bit panicky because her water was leaking and the midwives were going to induce her — something she absolutely did not want, as she was aiming for a natural, drug-free labor and delivery. I hurried myself down there (as fast as a sleepy toddler and screaming infant would allow — YES, she screamed the entire way…) as fast as I could.

We slept at my sisters that night, awaiting word on how labor was going. And, believe it or not, my kids actually freaking slept! I, on the other hand, did not sleep. I was so anxious about how labor was going for my sister, Shauna, that I was seriously wide awake.

She ended up getting pitocin around 3am and we ended up sleeping until 7. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I took the kids to get donuts from the Little Donut Shop. Of course, I wore my favorite LLR donut leggings. And Ari walked in and told the owner he wanted a “hot dog. chocolate! with sprinkles!” And believe it or not, the owner knew exactly which one Ari wanted! Ha!

We made it to the park for a donut picnic and spent sometime playing on the playground — and visiting our first every Little Free Library! — before getting in the car to head downtown for an adventure! The plan was to go to the North Market. But I got a text on the way that Shauna was 6cm dilated. No big, right? Wrong. 15 minutes later: another text — She’s pushing!

Whaaaaat!? It was crazy pants!

So we headed to the Ohio State University hospital and waited in the L&D waiting room for more information. Luckily I had a random ‘busy bag’ in the car, so Ari colored, played with his flashcards, and Hot Wheel cars.

Finally, the text I had been waiting for…

“It’s a boy!”

I screamed “It’s a boy!” in the waiting room. Yep! I was one of those people!! And it felt glorious to say those words!


All of a sudden my world changed from being the mom of just two little kiddos, to being an aunt of a beautiful bundle of newborn joy.

Shortly thereafter my mom and dad arrived and with them came what can only be described as a big-ass balloon! Ha! Ari was so confused. He kept saying, “but… hers a girl!” No kiddo, ‘her’ is a boy. And his name is Brennen. ♥


What a fabulous name! And all of that hair! OMG, I can’t believe he has so much hair!

I’m so in love with this new little person. I’ve said many times before that I didn’t expect to love being a mom so much; but I seriously never anticipated the incredible love I would feel for the children of my sister.

We couldn’t wait to celebrate the news with all of their family, friends, and neighbors!


It was such a perfect weekend spent welcoming a perfect little baby into the world! Welcome home, Baby B!


Hey! Did you know we went to Kentucky (or as Ari calls it ‘Tucky) three weeks ago!? Yep! We did! And honestly, the last two-plus weeks haven’t been hard. We’ve just been busy. And I’ve had a hard time concentrating on pretty much everything (helloooooo, three different to-do lists that need to be condensed!).

But Kentucky was our first real/kind of vacation as a family of four.

It took us EIGHT HOURS to make a 5.5 hour trip (#ThanksRemy). But we made it.

We had to stop about an hour from home because Remy had pooped and wanted to eat. Yayyyy infants. :(

She seriously screamed the entire drive… which was super fun and not at all anxiety-inducing… Sigh.

But we made it. And when we got there we settled in and ate (a very late for us) dinner! To be honest, the whole sleeping situation was even more rough. Not because it was uncomfortable; but because our children are sleep demons. Ari and Chad slept in a queen bed and I slept in a room with Remy. She, of course, hated sleeping in the pack and play. And woke up frequently.

Thursday morning my mom and Ari made pancakes for everyone — and it was totally cute. The pancakes were very heavy on the blueberries! Ha! 😛

After our delicious breakfast, Mimi and I went to get pedicures! I’ll admit – I’ve had very few (if any?) indulgences since Remy was born; but Mimi wanted to treat me and my little piggies to some pampering! A little girls time was just what the doctor ordered!

We ended up spending the rest of our day relaxing before grabbing some dinner at this incredible Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba.

Traditional Ethiopian food is served ‘family style,’ and without utensils! The spongey-bread is the only utensil you need! Surprisingly, the kiddos did awesome. Not surprisingly, we l-o-v-e-d our amazing meal. Seriously. We need to find an Ethiopian restaurant nearby in Ohio!

Other items of note during our trip — Ari got to play with Legos. Like, a lot. I mean, I know that’s business as usual for him. But we ended up finding this Lego resale shop that specializes in minifigures. It was totally cool. They even do birthday parties! If we were local we would totally be having his fourth birthday party there.

Oh! Chad and I got out for a date day without the kiddos! Okay, so it was really like three hours. But still! It was fabulous!

We went to a neighborhood in Louisville called NuLu — which is very Ohio City-esque (if we’re comparing Cleveland to L-ville!). They happened to be having a neighborhood block party.

We wandered around, in and out of little boutiques. Being in bourbon country almost made me want to drink bourbon. Almost. 😛

We ventured into a crazy antique store that was… trippy, to say the least. But there were fun-house mirrors! :O

How fun! Post-fun-house/little shop of horrors, we grabbed some (Nashville) Hot Chicken. Add grits, slaw, and potatoes to the mix? Hea-ven.

For reals. We LOVE this food. Love it.

Later that night we all — meaning me, Chad, Mimi, Poppy, Ari and Remy — all went to downtown Louisville to walk the bridge over to Indiana! It was HOT. And our kids were straight-up losing it. But the views were incredible (even if we did bribe Ari with ice cream — real talk, friends).

To be honest, the rest of our trip was spent just lounging around. It was really nice to visit. And I’m seriously surprised I was able to post this update before our next trip to ‘Tucky! :p :p


Weekly Mantra //

August 22, 2016 in mantra

This week I’m putting in a lot of hours at work. I mean, I’m still part-time — but GUYS! — I totally underestimated just how much, well, work it is to work part-time with two kids! They are with me even when I’m working, so I guess it’s kind of multitasking Mommy-mode and working mode. So yeah. This week will be interesting and plenty busy, that’s for sure!

I’m grateful for having been able to drop everything to travel to Columbus for the weekend with the kiddos! It was a lovely weekend surrounded by love and family!

I’m content knowing that even though this week will be busy, a ‘normal,’ Fall-schedule is right around the corner. Just two weeks of weird schedules and then normalcy! Thank goodness!

I wish I could be a parent that remains calm at all times. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I’m semi-patient; but this weekend I just wasn’t. Ari has super been struggling to listen. Add in travel and no-naps? Recipe for disaster in Mommy-patience. Oy.

Happiness is finding more love in your heart when welcoming a new little person into this world. I’m so excited for my sister and brother-in-law, who just welcomed a baby boy on Friday! I was in the hospital waiting room when I got the “It’s a BOY!” text and my heart grew even bigger!

Weekly Mantra:

Have a great Monday, friends!! xo



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