Just over one year ago the decision was made for me to become a stay-at-home mom. Truthfully, I was terrified. I had lost my job at 9-months pregnant with our daughter, my second child, Remy Bea. I had an awful pregnancy full of illness and pain. I was terrified of suddenly being thrust into this new world — one without an office and timeclock.

Here we are one whole year later. I’ve been on both sides of the working world and what I have now is a whole new perspective. So here are my tips for a new SAHM:

1.  You will not make a homemade dinner every night. Heck, you will be lucky to make dinner one night of the workweek. Oh, and the laundry won’t be folded either. In fact, your to-do list will look worse than ever before. Things just pile up, sometimes literally (I’m looking at you, dishes!). Just make peace with the chaos. Take a few deep breaths and know that there is always tomorrow. Don’t sweat it.

2.  You will have a newfound respect for people who work in childcare, whether in a facility or in their home. When I was working full-time and had my son in childcare, I had no idea how hard it truly was to do all of the things necessary to take care of a baby or toddler all day. I just didn’t get it. Sure, I did it on the weekends and days off; but the day in and day out are an exhausting exercise of futility. Okay, that may be a tad dramatic; because we are raising awesome tiny humans. But you get what I mean.

3.  You will tune your children out. This was a hard pill for me to swallow. See, it always reminded me of a very ‘mom’ thing to do  — one that I just couldn’t imagine myself actually doing. But it happens. Heck, I’ve found myself automatically responding to my son, Ari, by saying “Yep just eat your food.” Except, he wasn’t eating. It was just my natural response to him so often that I just blurt it out randomly. Thanks in large part to my amazing ability to tune him out.

4.  You will find excuses to leave the house. Pro-tip: Never, ever, get everything you need for the week during a single trip to the store. Somedays you just need a reason to get out in public (even if that reason is to prevent yourself from screaming). Also, you will learn about all of the free and exciting things happening in your town. Because, well, free things are the best things to do with kids (and it gets you out of the house).

5.  You will stay up way later than you should, just to have a little time by yourself. Every day I wake up and say “I am going to go to bed so early tonight!” But then? Then I spend the day wiping booties and cleaning up spilled food. And I’m exhausted from taking care of tiny humans. So I stay up late and watch the Bachelorette and pay for it the whole next day. Aaaand the cycle continues.

With all of these lessons I’ve learned, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that I am a damn good mom. Even when the s**t hits the fan; even when the kids are sick; even when the laundry isn’t done; and even when I pick up a rotisserie chicken for the 4th time in a week — I am a damn good mom. And whether you work outside of the home or in it, you are too!


And okay, a confession: I am only a kind of stay-at-home mom. See, I work part outside of the home about 25 hours a week, but I take both kids with me — and work with them! Yep. So I don’t really get a “break” from them. Does it still count? Yeah, I think so.


So tell me — if you’re a SAHM, what are some things you’ve learned on this journey? And working moms — tell us your tips to juggle it all!


Monday Mantra //

May 22, 2017 in mantra,running

I spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday. I woke up well before any human should wake up (like, 3:30am) and went to meet up with some MRTT (Moms Run This Town) ladies to volunteer for the Cleveland Marathon. I was home by 8am, but so exhausted. Like, I took two- 2.5 hour naps and went to bed at 9PM still, tired.

And even though I was a tad bit filled with the dread of the weight of my completely full to-do list last night, this mantra totally spoke to me. I have no complaints. I deserved those naps. And now I’m going to go kick Monday’s butt!




My emotions have been all over the board this week — and it’s only Wednesday. And the more I stare at our calendar for the next couple of weeks, the more overwhelmed I get.

Between work schedules, t-ball for Ari, workout classes, and other obligations, I kinda just want to shut down. Yesterday I finally scratched off 4 outstanding items on my to-do list and it felt great! But I also added 6 more items to it. But baby steps, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I thought perhaps some of you may also be drowning in the weight of ‘adulting’ this week, so I’m sharing the mantra that I’m repeating over and over again to get me through this week:

Real talk? Sometimes I quit. But lately I’ve had my eye on the prize(s) and my goals are in sight, so I’m reminding myself not to quit. Things get hard; we are challenged; but we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. So I’m pushing forward and breathing through.

Tell me — what tips do you have for when you start to get overwhelmed?? 


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