Today is the day! And I’m honestly freaking out quite a bit. I’ve been #TeamDudeMom for a while; but I’m starting to waver… which means either way, I’m going to be SUPER excited. Heck, I already am!

And I cannot wait to know so that we can (finally) start hammering out name ideas. Sure, we’ve bounced a few around, but things will truly get serious when we know this baby’s gender!

girl or boy
Also? This marks TWENTY WEEKS pregnant! That means in TWENTY MORE WEEKS we’ll have a little baby! Whaaat?! Throw in birthdays (mine + Mooshies), plus all of the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve/Day), and my due date will be here before we know it! Yikes!

OK, I PROMISE I’ll share the big news later!

PS. Anyone know of someone selling a Double BOB Stroller!? Ha!


weekly mantra //

August 31, 2015 in mantra

taco tuesday
Happy Monday, friends! This week, as long as the doctor approves it on Wednesday, I’ll be going back to work! Finally!! It will certainly be bittersweet. As much as I’ve hated being sick for the last 3 months, I love spending my days with Moosh. So I’m trying to keep the humor in all of it. And I’ll be living everyday like it’s Taco Tuesday! ♥



Last week I shared our Road Trip Must-Haves (when travelling with a toddler). And then we travelled. And each and every one of those items was a must-have! Seriously. Well, one thing I didn’t anticipate was (finally) getting my appetite back. So a pregnant mama? hungry in the car? Enter my newest healthy, on-the-go, snack obsession: ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple snack bars.

It’s super difficult to juggle mom-tasks, navigator tasks, and manage my pregnant hanger, and these were delicious to curb my cravings for something sweet but still healthy! Because I’m super into chocolate right now, I packed the Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk. It was super delicious.

The individually wrapped bars, which come in four flavors (Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk, Almond Toffee Crunch, Bing Cherry & Almond, and Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate), are high in protein, and simple with the ingredients (less is more, am I right?!). They’re also gluten free (yay for our celiacs!) and each bar is 200 calories or less!

I can’t wait to snack on the rest on our way home! If you want to try them out for yourself, use this $1.00 off coupon! Enjoy, friends!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ZonePerfect but, as always, the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


have a nice weekend //

August 28, 2015
have a nice weekend

OMG. I totally L-O-V-E the @unspirational instagram feed! Gems like this show up all the time. PS. If you’re not a fan of sarcasm, don’t have a nice weekend. 😉

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Road Trip Must-Haves

August 25, 2015
road trip must haves1

This summer I’ve travelled solo with Moosh a couple of times. Well, guys, I’m a freaking pro these days! And we’re taking one last small trip. And while I’m putting together our travel necessities, I decided to share our go-to road trip list! 1. A LeapPad (and/or iPad). We bring both. Especially on a long […]

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weekly mantra //

August 24, 2015

Ha. Listen to the Buddha, friends.

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weekly mantra //

August 17, 2015

After months and months of not feeling like myself… I’m still not feeling like myself. But this morning I’m dragging myself out of bed at a reasonable time (8 am — GUYS! I’ve been sleeping til like 10 am everyday!) and I’m hitting the ground running. Sure, there may be some speed bumps (frequent bathroom trips […]

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a bumpdate! 17+ weeks!

August 16, 2015

OK, so compared to when I was pregnant with Moosh, I have been seriously slacking in the documentation of this pregnancy. Perhaps that’s because there hasn’t been much to document, other than the nonstop illness. But other than the hyperemesis, this pregnancy has been healthy. Well, at least for the baby! The Bump — This […]

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the power of awesome customer service //

August 15, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that pregnant women are hormonal hot messes and will either snap at you or cry if things do not go their way. OK, well if you have never encountered a pregnant woman, you might not know this… yet! But you’ve been warned! So it should come as little surprise that my […]

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