Life has been hella crazy lately. I’d like to say we’ve been busy travelling the globe, but that would be semi inaccurate. I mean, we have been travelling the midwest rather thoroughly. 😛 😛 And one of the great things about living in the Midwest is that we can travel a few hours and be transported to a completely different type of living.

Specifically of interest to me is Southern living. The South is so close to us, but so far away. I mean, we can get to what’s considered ‘the south’ in just a few hours; but, honestly, it’s weird that Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky are even considered to be ‘South.’  But it really is another world.

See, my parents moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Cleveland, Ohio, when I was just a few months pregnant with Ari. So they’ve been away for about 5 years now. They love it, we love to visit, but we wish they were closer. FOR SURE.

We’ve been able to visit and sightsee many times in Louisville, but here’s a list of my favorite places to visit.

Queen of Sheba – Ethiopian Restaurant. This may seem random. Actually, it is. But I swear to you this is some of the most authentic cuisine I have ever had. Chad and I are one-hundred percent foodies — through and through. And this place? This place is off-the-grid and amazing. No silverware, questionable seating, but totally authentic.

NuLu. If you’re looking for the up-and-coming/artsy part of town, head straight to NuLu — the East Market District of Louisville. There are so many boutiques and markets to check out, it’s hard not to spend every penny! Ha!

Royals Chicken. Nashville hot chicken is one of my most favorite things to eat, period. So it should come as no surprise that Chad and I found the most awesome Nashville hot chicken (aka – very spicy fried chicken). We’ve been to this place several times on our visits and it seriously doesn’t get any better! We always go for lunch, but if I had gone for dinner I would have gotten a bourbon slushie! 🙂

Nord’s Bakery. I ventured out solo one Sunday morning to find this place. Located near the University of Louisville, this adorable little bakery offers some of the most incredible donuts I’ve ever had. The staff was so friendly and I cannot wait to have more of these donuts in the future! Definitely worth the trip to Kentucky alone!

Big Four Bridge. Originally a railroad bridge, the pedestrian-only bridge opened in 2013 and allows people to easily walk from Kentucky to Indiana over the Ohio River! Parking near the bridge is free and the park is open 24/7! It offers a light show, music, and unbeatable views. But Ari will forever remember the Batman popsicle he had at the end of the bridge — haha!

Sunegros CoffeeI stumbled across this coffee shop one morning when I was out exploring on my own. I was beyond impressed with their espresso offerings. I wish I had a bit more time to settle into this place with my laptop, but, alas, time was a commodity. But I’ll be back, that’s for sure!

Louisville Slugger Museum. On one of our first trips to Louisville, we took Ari to the museum. He was too little to appreciate it, but Chad and I loved it. Chad loved the nostalgia of holding some of ‘the greats’ bats, and I loved the nerdiness of making the bats (they walk you through the factory and show you how they’re actually made!).

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. We went out on a limb to find this place, friends. See, we saw all of the bourbon/whisky trail pamphlets that had very corporate ‘tours’ and whatnot. Those places looked fantastic (we checked them out, too), but they were full of people being literally bussed in for these bourbon trail tours. But this place? This place is off the beaten path. We walked a good quarter mile from Louisville Slugger, through a semi-sketch neighborhood, to find this place. But it didn’t disappoint. We tasted their rye whiskey… and it was… okay. I say that as someone who does not in any way like whiskey. But I could appreciate the process and the passion. Whiskey lover or not, it remains one of my favorite places.

I can’t wait to visit Louisville again, soon! And of course we will continue to explore — but is there any place that you would recommend we visit!?



I have a confession: I’m a little burnt out. I realize my writing and posting has gotten further and further apart (like, often times a week to ten days), but it’s not for lack of ideas. Oh no, I have plenty of ideas and plenty of half-finished blog posts…

…it’s for lack of enthusiasm.

I’m. just. so. tired. By the time I sit down at my computer, finishing up editing photos and blog posts and going through emails is honestly the last thing I want to be doing.

This summer has kicked my ass in the best way possible. I’ve worked really hard, both at blogging and at my other job; I’ve maintained a steady schedule with the kids and keeping up on chores; we’ve had a lot of fun and so many adventures; and I’ve cultivated new friendships and opportunities.

But I’m so tired. So I’ve been treating myself to some much-needed rest and relaxation (except, without the relaxation. You know, because I have a 4 year old and ting terror of an 18 month old).

I’ve been sleeping 8+ hours at night. Sleep is my love language. It really is. And I’ve been forgoing events and blog work so that I can watch movies in bed with Ari and then passing out at 9pm. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve been getting housework done. I am a tad bit obsessed with keeping up with housework. Especially the dishes, vacuuming, and the bathroom. But there were weeks where I was falling way behind and then stressing all weekend. But the last couple of weeks I’ve been just staying on it. Instead of sitting down at my computer I’ve been folding clothes + putting the dishes away. And it’s lifted such a burden off my chest. It truly has.

I’ve been napping. Yep. Even after a full night of sleep, I’ve been taking a short snooze and getting some Ari snuggles in the afternoons.

I’ve been more engaged with my kids and my to-do list. No, I haven’t been a perfect mom — far from it! But I’ve been more present, for sure! I’ve just been spending a little more time listening to their demands instead of my own.

Right now I am giving myself some blogging grace. I’ve always done the opposite — given myself real-life grace and then buckled down on blog work. But no. Not right this moment. Right now I’m breathing deep, sleeping in, and taking care of real-life stuff.

But good things are coming. I promise! ❤️ Thanks for hanging by my side!


Disclaimer: I’m not advocating for only breastfeeding babies. Ultimately, it’s a very personal decision. I believe fed is best. Period. I’m just sharing my personal adventure with breastfeeding.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week. And, if I’m being honest, my heart is hurting a little. See, I’m doing extended breastfeeding with Miss Bea. And, while I realize that’s not up everyone’s alley, it is mine. But I fear our time is coming to an end.

I didn’t expect to find myself here, deep in this previously unknown grief. Remy Bea was such an awful baby — screaming and furious most of her days (and nights), riddled with UTIs gone undetected for months. At the time it was all I could do to wish she would take a bottle. I had been pumping so that someone — anyone other than me — could spend a few moments with her, day or night.


But she just refused. She needed me. Literally, she needed me for comfort and for nourishment. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a postpartum mom. And I was collapsing from the weight of all of that pressure. In my darkest moments of her screaming and my body aching from constant feedings, I would lose it. My mind, that is. And I mean that in the realest sense. (See more on my PPD+A struggles here).


Just as I knew it would, our breastfeeding journey got easier. It got exponentially easier once she started really eating solid foods. I felt a relief that I was no longer her sole source of nourishment. I knew that we had made it through the toughest parts.

And now we’re here — 18 months into our breastfeeding journey together — and I can tell she’s far less interested in nursing. In fact, the only time she nurses is first thing in the morning (for approximately 90 seconds), and in the evening before bed (which is likely more of a comfort-feed than a nourishment-feed). And while she’s generally less interested, I’m becoming more and more aware that our days are numbered.


But I’m lucky — SO LUCKY! — to have been able to achieve the milestone of 18 months. And I’m so proud of myself — and Miss Bea — for sticking it out for this long. So during this World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – August 7th) and National Breastfeeding Month (August), I’m going to soak up every last breastfeeding snuggle; I’m going to embrace any opportunities to bond; and I’m going to let her call the shots from hereon out. We’re on this journey together; we’ve both fought the good fight; and she’s going to finish on her terms. ♥ ♥

Tell me, friends — what was your experience with weaning? And how did you cope with the post-breastfeeding blues?



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