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April 20, 2015 in life,mantra

This weeks mantra is less of a mantra, more of a ‘reminder’ of things that are tip-top priority! I absolutely love it. Sure, I have a to-do list; but luckily the Emily Ley Day Designer allows your to prioritize just THREE things that you have to be done today. Because as much as we may want to get everything done right this second, it’s just not feasible.

So this week I’m focusing on the “real” to-do list! You know — the things that really matter in life with the people who matter most. <3  It’s true. And sometimes it takes a few days (or a week) of poo to remind a gal what truly matters!


PS. Happy birthday, Mom!


I’ve been a self-proclaimed coffee addict since college. That lovely aroma of roasted beans brings me right back to those moments of studying for exams and rushing between class and work. Isn’t that how it starts for everyone?? Just trying to survive and stay awake for those critical moments?

Well, since then my taste in coffee has not gotten any less costly. In fact, my desire for good coffee gets stronger and stronger — pun intended. I’ve gone from traditional coffee pots, but I’m the only coffee drinker in the home, so for some mornings — the quick ones — it was useless to make a whole pot if it was going to go to waste. So I ‘traded up’ to a Keurig. Sometime last year my parents gave me the gift of Starbucks lattés at home in the form of a Verismo system. Life-changing! But still? Expensive. As a four-shot latté connoisseur, these at-home drinks can still be costly.

Enter my newest coffee toy: The French Press. Specifically this beautiful François et Mimi Vintage Double-Walled French Press! This beauty brews 34-ounces of strong, bitter, and caffeinated deliciousness!

I have to say that this french press came with fairly vague instructions. However, a quick “how do I use a french press?” YouTube search produced stellar instructions from a barista! Saved my day! I would have been pumping away at that French press… but it turns out, you’re not supposed to do that. Ha!

Getting the French press gave me a reason to buy fresh ground coffee from Starbucks; their Tribute Blend did the trick! I put about 6 heaping scoops of coffee grounds into the bottom of the press. Then I covered the grounds with boiling water and let it sit for 30-seconds. Then I added boiling water until just two-inches from the top of the press and let it steep for 5 minutes. And then I slowly pressed down on the plunger until I reached the grounds. Per the YouTube video, I poured the freshly-brewed coffee into a decanter so it wouldn’t remain with the grounds and continue to brew.

The coffee was STRONG — which I LOVE! I loved how dark and strong the coffee was. The bitterness of a French press is not for everyone; but for someone who likes to drink their strong coffee sans cream and sugar, this is the perfect way to brew!

Bonus? This press not only keeps your coffee hot, but it’s dishwasher safe (!!!!)! Hello, MOMS! This is a major, major plus! Considering the two chores that need to be done daily are: 1. laundry; and 2. dishes!

Coffee snobs — I know the pour-over is another fan-fave! But how do you like to brew your coffee?


Disclosure: I was selected to receive a Francois et Mimi French Press for my honest opinion and review of this product. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Thank you to Francois et Mimi and Tomoson for sponsoring this post. 

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Friday  //

After a long day at work and a long day at the sitter for Moosh, we wound up at our favorite local indoor play place, Café O’Play, to try and burn off whatever energy he had left.

He had fun, but that quickly turned into a meltdown. So we headed home thinking the dude was just exhausted. And he was. So we put him to bed and Chad and I settled into bed to watch Going Clear on HBO. If you haven’t seen this documentary, go right now and watch it. Totally messed up!

Well Moosh never fell asleep. Like, he really wouldn’t. Three-plus hours of him talking in his crib. Finally at 11 PM, still wide awake and screaming “MOMMY!” from his crib, I ended up bringing that booger into bed with us. He finally fell asleep; we didn’t. That always makes for a fun night.

Saturday  //

We slept in for as long as we could. But we had places to be! A couple of months ago I registered us for a visit and tour at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Moosh was ornery, considering he was running on a few hours of sleep. But he was a champ. He sat through a 35-minute “safety” discussion (which was mostly a discussion and powerpoint presentation on the history of aviation).

When we visited the Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory — also known as the “Dome of Silence;” where they test noise-reduction methods for aviation. Chad was intrigued, Moosh was bored. Luckily the giant dome was sound resistant so everytime he yelled “MY CHOCOLATE MILK!,” which is his go-to crazy-pants, I’m-so-tired, phrase, very few people were interrupted from the tour.

It was definitely a really cool facility. But nearing the two-hour mark really put Moosh at his limit. We planned on grabbing a real sit-down lunch afterward, but we decided to just hit up Earth Fare. We needed to grocery shop anyway so we grabbed lunch first to calm the beast (aka – Moosh), and then did all of our shopping!

I seriously LOVE family grocery shopping. I love that time we spend time together planning meals and planning for our week. By the time we came home, we were well past a time to actually get Moosh to nap; so we all just relaxed for most of the afternoon. But I had a massage scheduled for 8PM. At first I thought “WHY in the WORLD did I schedule this for a time that is way beyond PJs-o’clock?!” but it really was exactly what I needed.

Sunday  //

We slept in, thanks in large part for forgetting to bring the baby monitor to our room! Ha! Woopsie! It was a beautiful morning so we headed out to the Towpath Trail to get in a run/family walk! I ran for a few miles and caught back up with Chad and Moosh in the stroller. And I’d like to say that I made the most of the beautiful day, but in truth I cleaned the whole house and napped in bed for about 2 hours while Chad watched baseball. Perfection!

While Chad and Ari went back outside to play, I finished up the dinner that Chad started — taco salad bowls with Chad’s homemade cilantro slaw and avocado! Delicious!

You would think after a long weekend, short on sleep, Ari would be ready for bed at an early hour. But nope! He wanted to take a late-night trip with me to Target for a few odds and ends. Anyone out there deal with a 2-to-3 year sleep regression?? I’ve read a little about it, but I cannot figure out if that’s what this is!

It really was another fabulous weekend. And I couldn’t be happier. <3


weekly mantra //

April 13, 2015

If it doesn’t happen right now, it’s not the right moment. I could use this reminder as much as anyone else right now. Patience, patience, patience! That’s what I’m focusing on this week. xo, friends!

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life with a toddler // upgrading to a big boy room!

April 12, 2015

When we were prepping for Ari’s arrival some 3 years ago, we decided to turn our upstairs spare bedroom — the room right across the hall from us — into his nursery. We painted, we prepped, we crafted, and we put all of the furniture together. Well, the best laid plans, friends. Cause we used […]

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the art of juggling // TFAWM an update of sorts

April 9, 2015

Guys. Let’s just cut to the chase: It sucks. Working and being the mom of a toddler sucks the big one. It’s exhausting. And I constantly feel pulled in a thousand different directions. And it is the fault of no one. It just is the life of a mom. Because moms put that kind of […]

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running // the cheap sport.

April 8, 2015
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I used to think that running was the sport that required little monetary investment. All you need is a pair of shoes and an open road. Right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. Sure, you need shoes. But the more you run, the more often you need to replace your shoes. And only the right shoes will […]

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weekend wrap up // Easter edition

April 7, 2015

After last weekend and this past week, we really needed a truly happy and fun weekend. So when Friday arrived we jumped into our weekend with both feet! Ari was hanging with his friend Kayden all day on Friday and when I went to pick him up, I hung out for a while with K’s […]

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weekly mantra // be kind.

April 6, 2015

Thank you, Mr. Rogers, for the simple yet incredible reminder. Kindness is everything, friends. Happy Monday. Go into your week with a kind heart! <3

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get crafty // alternative easter crafts

April 3, 2015

Easter in our house is a touchy subject. First of all, we don’t really *do* Easter. I mean, we do; we just don’t the church part. Because — surprise — we’re not churchy people. [PS. Let’s not get into the thick of it. It’s OK if you are; we just aren’t.] Also? Moosh has an […]

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