It’s been a rough, rough, week. Which is basically, well, business as usual around here, friends. Am I right?! My life has been chaos since this child was conceived. [I wish I was joking…]

Legit. This meme was MY LIFE this week. On Wednesday I ‘woke up’ {using the term lightly, considering I didn’t sleep the night before}, went to work, and we all came home and fought naps, quite literally, until bedtime. So, yay. My to do list? Suffering. My sanity? Suffering even more.

That being said, TGIF. And perhaps we have a sleep resolution?? It’s almost too soon to tell. But I don’t want to spill the beans yet. FINGERS CROSSED!


TGIF, friends!! Happy weekend-ing!


I’m no stranger to talking about things that other people are too nervous (or scared) to talk about. PPD, anxiety, toddler problems, body image issues, hair loss, and, you know… a little light bladder leakage (LBL).

Nope. That hasn’t stopped either.

Recently I took my first yoga class postpartum. And by yoga class, I mean outdoor yoga class with a few hundred other friends. No biggie, right? Wrong.

Not only was I nervous about my first few downdogs, postpartum. But I was also really, really, nervous that those first few downdogs would give me more than I bargained for. You know… a little LBL. Eek!

Nothing like a little vinyasa and a little pee! Ha! But seriously. I was PARANOID. Completely paranoid.

So I decided to give myself some confidence through incontinence with Poise light absorbency liners.

I know, I know. We like to think that these sorts of things only happen to our moms — not us! But truth be told? We are our mothers! Ha! Good thing our moms are totally awesome, right!?

But seriously. I’m super grateful that I had these on hand to overcome the embarrassment of bladder leakage.

It’s empowering knowing I didn’t have to worry about anything during those vinyasas. It was agonizing enough having to move through those poses for the first time in longer than I’d like to admit! I was able to truly seize the moment and move with my breath!

You can feel empowered to Seize Your Poise® Moment, too! And affordably so. I use my SAMs Club membership to purchase these (along with our groceries!) at value pack pricing! Seriously you can save between $4 and $7 a pack on these bad boys! From the convenience of subscription services to Sam’s Club® prices and value packs, there’s no reason not to be a member!

And in all seriousness, I know it can be difficult, and even embarrassing, for women with LBL to admit they have a urinary incontinence problem, but I hope that hearing my story of how I’ve overcome it will make it a little easier.

♥ ♥ ♥



Weekly Mantra //

July 18, 2016 in mantra

This week we have literally nothing planned, with the exception of work. And I honestly don’t hate it. We really struggled getting back into a routine last week (and by ‘we’ I mean the kiddos), and we totally, totally paid for that. So at this point I’m absolutely fine with a super chill week.

I’m grateful to work with people that I absolutely adore. For serious.

I’m content when Remy’s bedtime routine is shorter than 3 hours… which, is not frequent. Grr.

I wish for a quick bedtime routine tonight. Because girlfriend always loses her s**t on Monday nights — right when the Bachelorette it set to air. Sigh. And I totally want to watch tonight’s episode live… judge me!

Happiness is when the Starbucks app actually works, and you have a free coffee… 😛

Weekly Mantra:

FullSizeRender (14)
Happy Monday, friends. 😛 xo


Ari // an update, of sorts.

July 15, 2016

This is Ari. Remember him? Yeah. Things have been very Remy-focused as of late. But I swear, this kid still lights up my world — and drives me to the nut house — on the daily. Let me just start by saying, I freaking love this age! He’s so … so … awesome! He talks. […]

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Weekly Mantra //

July 13, 2016

This week is halfway over already. Oh, hi, Wednesday. It’s been a long ass week already. I’m grateful for coffee. That’s pretty much all I can muster this morning. I’m content when I sleep. << PS. This is the world’s most depressing weekly mantra, am I right!? >> I wish for a much better rest […]

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hello, weekend //

July 8, 2016

I’m going to be MIA for the next couple of days as I travel to Columbus for my sister’s baby shower! In reality, I’ve been MIA for much of this week, thanks to party-prep! Also? Remy Bea has ANOTHER UTI. For. serious. Ugh! So before we head to Columbus for the weekend, we’ll be going […]

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Weekly Mantra //

July 5, 2016

This week will bring a short work week, but an incredibly awesome weekend! My sister is currently 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby and I’m incredibly excited to help host her baby shower this weekend in Columbus! I’m grateful for a weekend that brought not only exhaustion, but plenty of family we don’t regularly […]

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Happy Fourth of July //

July 4, 2016
image (5)

.    .    .    .    .   .    .    .    .    .    .    . Happy 4th of July, friends! I’ll be spending my morning at the parade with the family. And then? Naps. Naps all around. Have a fun and safe day! xo

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Thank You //

July 1, 2016
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First I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of the love and support yesterday. I nearly forgot that I scheduled that to be published and when I saw it up, i panicked a little. Because saying that my PPD is getting worse makes it that much more real. And it makes me […]

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Remy Bea // 5 Months

June 30, 2016

I’m going to preface this post with this: This may be the worst possible time for me to be writing this blog post. I’m exhausted. I’m overwhelmed. I’m 100% totally and completely emotionally drained. And I’m so incredibly depressed. There. I said it. I know I’ve said that before. But it’s not getting better. And […]

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