Guys! [Yes, I realize I start a LOT of blog posts with “guys!” But, to be fair? I actually say that a  LOT in real life.] This weekend was mostly the bomb dot com.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Saturday was set to be such a wonderful day, weatherwise. I mean, perfection of Fall. For serious.

Chad stayed home with Miss Bea while Ari and I went to Lowe’s for their monthly Build and Grow Workshop. Normally, these workshops go like this: we check in, grab our kit, and Mommy builds while Ari tries to wander away.

But this time was different. This time, Ari was super interested. So interested, in fact, that he actually used the hammer to nail his boat together.


I credit his new found concentration from preschool! I mean, it has to be, right!? That’s truly the only thing that has changed. So, thank you, Miss Shannon and the YMCA preschool for helping Ari concentrate and focus his way through building an amazing wooden tugboat toy!

Afterward, I took Ari home and picked up Miss Bea. She and I went to the local Hike + Bike trail to go for an interval run. Yep, you heard right! For the last 3.5 weeks I’ve been back to running! (More on that in a post this week!)

Girlfriend did great, considering! I mean, she loves the stroller. And she loved it for the first 25 minutes of our run. And then? Not so much… she fussed and fussed and fussed. Until she fell asleep. Thank goodness she fell asleep — OMG. And even though my run was over, I continued to walk until she got a decent nap in.

Post-run, we went home and played in the park with Ari. I seriously count my blessings every single damn day that we have a park (and playground!) in our backyard!

And then — yes even after this amount of excitement! — we ended up at our local celebration for our First Responders! Ari was able to climb into a SWAT vehicle, see a SWAT camera, witness the jaws of life, and get his very own bicycle helmet.

So, basically, a little boys favorite things. Right!? But for serious. It was the perfect way to wrap up our day.

And on Sunday, we did nothing except nap and clean. It was perfection. And it rejuvenated my Mama Soul, friends! For reals!


Weekly Mantra //

September 26, 2016 in mantra

I’m totally ready for this week. Looking at my google calendar, my week appears to be crazy busy. But ya know what? We thrive on crazy around here.

I’m grateful to have had a fabulous weekend with my amazing family. It was uneventfully eventful. More on that later.

I’m totally content. Period.

I wish I could focus more. I feel like my mind is constantly going a thousand miles per hour. For the last year I thought I was so spacey because of Remy. But honestly? Even with sleeping a little bit more, I feel like I must just be in a constant state of exhaustion. Unable to think properly. Unable to write out sentences. Or speak. You know. Normal mom stuff, right? (sigh)

Happiness is a decision I sometimes have to make. I know that statement sounds, well, weird. But, for real, sometimes when I’m knee-deep in baby poop and toddler attitude, and exhausted beyond measure, I have to take a deep breath and remember that I. am. HAPPY.

Weekly Mantra:

Spread love, friends. Lots of love. And let’s have a great week. xo



I like to keep it really real on this here blog. And in the spirit of doing so, I have to admit something to you — I know that in the grand scheme of worldly problems? Ours don’t even rank. Yes. Even though I’ve bitched and moaned about Remy since, well, I was pregnant with her? I know that I am lucky to have her.

That being said? My feelings and personal issues? They are still valid.

And there’s something about rough patches. When you’re in them, and you feel super low, the smallest gesture can move a mountain of feelings.

Well we happened to decide to go to Build-a-Bear for their $5 Bear Day a couple of weeks ago. I had to work until noon — and Chad just happened to have the day off — so when I got home, we ate lunch and headed out. The closest BAB is now about a half hour away (we used to have one way closer!). So by the time we got there, unpacked the kiddos, and walked our bottoms to BAB, the line was literally out the door.

I was… baffled. I mean, I know a deal is a deal. But this was, well, ridiculous. On our way through the mall we saw women with more than their fair share of bears (ewwwww… that rhymed…). Like, one lady was walking through the mall with SEVEN BAB boxes… with only an infant in tow. <insert bitchy look here>

I happened to lean over and ask a woman standing in line where she picked up the $5 bear.

Oh, they’ve been sold out,” she said.

And I looked…. bummed. And I turned to Ari (and Chad and my mother-in-law), and said “Well, buddy. They are out of bears. Let’s go walk around.”

Just then, a woman called for me. This sweet, sweet, woman. She said “Is he yours?” (meaning, Ari).

Yes,” I said.

Here. I grabbed an extra bear. I was going to give it away anyways. Take it,” she said.

I was, well, shocked. I thanked her. Profusely. I thanked her. I cried. She handed Ari the lifeless bear. She even shuffled him into line with her son. I stood there, in tears, wearing Remy Bea in the Ergo.


I snapped a couple of pictures. I tried to hold in my tears. Chad stood shocked, too. Ari didn’t know what was going on. But he was happy. He was stuffing his bear, happy as can be. His smile was awesome.

While Ari was busy stuffing his bear, I leaned over to Chad, still in disbelief. He was all smiles as he said, “I know. And she ripped the tag off and paid for it, too.

What. What!? WHAT?

I mean, I know it was only a $5 bear. But she didn’t have to do that. She didn’t have to do any of it.

In (hidden) full-on-tears, I approached her as she was paying and I just grabbed her arm and said a simple, but completely heartfelt, “Thank you.


Her response was so simple. So endearing. “It’s no big deal. I was going to buy an extra one and give it away to a kid anyway.”

But what she didn’t know was the simple joy she truly brought to Ari. That night he brought his BAB to bed with him. I asked him what his new bears name was. His reply? “Build-a-Bear. Isn’t he cute? Look at his beautiful eyes!”

Melt. my. freaking. HEART!

This woman — this stranger — has no idea how much joy she has brought into his life. Just a simple, $5, act of kindness.

Even two weeks later, Ari is still attached. He will not let go of that bear. And we are still grateful.

So yeah. As insignificant as your problems may seem; as small as a gesture as it may seem; it matters. YOU matter. The things going on in your life matter. And I hope that some small gesture makes an impact on you. If I can’t do it personally, I hope someone will. Goodness knows Chad and I are paying this small gesture forward.

Use this little bit of ♥ and positivity to power through the rest of your week, friends. And maybe — just maybe — find some small way to make another person smile today

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